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Almost 8 new Internet users added every second (infographic)

Published on 2/19/2012 by

By some measures, more than 7 billion people now inhabit the world, and more than a third of us are on the Internet. But how many Internet users are added each day, each week, or each minute?

We think we have a pretty good idea.

Internet Users

We relied on InternetWorldStats.com as our source for how many people worldwide are online as well as the world’s population. Its latest figures are from December 31, 2011, and show that 2,267,233,742 people are on the Internet worldwide, meaning an Internet penetration of 32.7%. The previous number published by Internet World Stats, from March 2011, said 2,095,006,005 people worldwide were on the Internet.

Let’s break the number of new Internet users down. In total, 172,227,737 people started using the Internet from March to December 2011. This breaks down as follows:

  • 19,136,415 – Per month.
  • 4,784,103 – Per week.
  • 683,443 – Per day.
  • 28,476 – Per hour.
  • 474 – Per minute.
  • 7.9 – Per second.

That’s almost 8 new people coming onto the Internet every second – that’s pretty amazing.

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