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Best Free Wordpress Template Sites

Published on 6/16/2010 by

Your online image is cultivated not only by how you interact with others on the Internet, but also by how you look. If your website offers up an air of professionalism, potential customers are more likely to trust your image and buy your products. Likewise, if your blog is freshly designed and clean and easy to read, one-time visitors will turn into daily readers.

Wordpress changed the rules of website hosting. When first launched in 2003, WordPress enabled anyone to put up a website, even if they didn’t know the first thing about HTML, php or other scripting languages. The typical Wordpress installation takes only seconds with the invention of web hosting control panels, and each day hundreds of new sites find a home online.

Wordpress users can change the default appearance of their website by installing new templates or themes with the touch of a button. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best and brightest theme template sites. If you’re looking to make your mark online, check these out:


The founders of Wordpress feature hundreds of free themes crafted from designers all around the world. Each template can be previewed at the Wordpress website and also within your Wordpress administration panel.

Simple Themes

Simple Themes has a collection of 32 pages of clean, minimalistic designs. Themes can be previewed and downloaded directly from Simple Themes. Because each of these themes focus on content and simplicity, they’re easy to customize, allowing you to personalize your site and make it pop.

Theme Lab

Theme Lab has a wide selection of free business and personal templates. Sample the look and feel of each theme by viewing a live demo, and then download as many as you like until you find one that fits.

Theme Splice

Theme Splice specializes in unique, stable designs. While you may see the same old set of templates offered at most websites, Theme Splice aims to serve up something different. From the super splashy to the simple white, the latest trend setting themes are at Theme Splice long before you’ll see them on other sites.

Crazy Leaf Designs

Want a professional design without the professional price tag? Crazy Leaf is a professional design company that gives away a handful of their own work, in addition to other featured templates. View a live demo and then download away to your heart’s content.

Customize, customize, customize!

Once you have a design picked out and uploaded to your web host, begin the customization process. One free theme may be downloaded by hundreds of users, and very few take the time to make their website look different than the next guy. A few simple touches can really make your site stand out!

The possibilities for Wordpress theme customizations are endless. With a little time and ingenuity, you can take a basic Wordpress free theme and turn it into a stunning website that will represent your image for years to come.