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Dispelling Mac Hosting Myths

Published on 12/18/2012 by

There are no shortages of misconceptions out there regarding web hosting, especially when it comes to Mac-centric hosting. Windows and Linux hosting may seem to be the predominant leaders in the hosting industry, and certainly they’ve been around the longest and have the richest histories, but Mac hosting is quickly gaining momentum and loads of loyal customers. Regardless, there are an abundance of rumors floating around the web regarding Mac hosting, what it is, and what it isn’t. Today we’re going to dispel a handful of Mac hosting myths, hopefully clearing up a few misconceptions along the way.

Myth #1:  Mac hosting is only for Mac users

The Mac hosts I spoke with this week claim that this is the biggest whopper of them all! Contrary to what you may have heard or read, you do not need to be running OS X on your local computer to sign-up with or use a Mac-based hosting company. In fact, you’ll find it’s pretty common for Windows users to use Linux hosting, never giving the competing operating systems a second thought.

Fact:  The operating system (OS) you use on your local machine is irrelevant to the OS used on a hosting server.

Myth #2:  Mac hosting is too expensive

If you’ve ever researched buying a new computer on the web you’ve probably encountered a fanboy or two who claimed their OS and computer hardware is superior to anything else on the market. Windows and Linux lovers hold back nothing when shouting down Apple hardware as overpriced goods, not worth your investment. Guess what? None of that has anything to do with hosting. In most cases, you will not be buying your own Mac Mini server; you’ll only be hosting on already paid for Mac hardware.

Fact:  Mac hosting can be every bit as affordable as Windows or Linux hosting.

Myth #3:  Mac hosting is too new to the market

It’s true that the Linux kernel has been around since the early 90s and, when compared with OS X, is the more mature hosting platform. None of that really matters now, though. Apple dipped their feet in the hosting pool when they created the first OS X server in 1999, so they’re not all that far behind. Also, and perhaps something most overlook, OS X is Unix-based, and has a long history of hosting success.

Fact:  Mac servers have been around for nearly 14 years and are certainly not the new guy on the block.

Myth #4:  If I don’t know OS X, I’ll be lost with Mac hosting

Anyone who has ever put their website on a hosting server will tell you operating systems for servers are entirely different than operating systems for home computers. Windows servers, for example, don’t offer the familiar Windows start button in their control panel, and Linux servers most certainly don’t run through popular Linux GUIs like KDE or Gnome. The same is true of OS X.

Fact:  Learning the OS X GUI is every bit as easy as finding your way around Linux or Windows hosting control panels.

Mac-based hosting may or may not be right for your needs, but don’t let common misconceptions and myths hold you back from trying one of today’s most stable, secure and advanced server operating systems out there.

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