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Free Invoicing Software for Web Hosts, Resellers and Webmasters

Published on 7/18/2012 by

Invoicing software is a must for those who do business online. Spreadsheets and the old fashioned method of pen to paper work well enough when you’re unloading only a few things out of your garage on Ebay each year, but those who are selling a significant number of items or services need software that will aid them in balancing their budget, as well as invoicing clients.

These four invoicing tools are easy-to-use, fun to learn and 100-percent free.


BoxBilling is complete client management, billing and support software. BoxBilling helps users do all of the following:

  • Sell any product or service.
  • Setup recurrent billing, invoicing and product provisioning.
  • Automatically create web hosting accounts as soon as payment is received.
  • Suspend accounts when they become overdue.
  • Enable multiple currencies.
  • Address client needs through a help desk.
  • ..and more!

BoxBilling can be completely customized with free themes or integrated into the look and feel of your website. BoxBilling is perfect for web hosts, reseller web hosts, web designers and those with ecommerce websites. Give BoxBilling a whirl with the free online demo. BoxBilling can be installed on a computer running Linux or on a Linux-based web hosting server.


SimpleInvoices is a free web-based invoicing system. Users of SimpleInvoices can:

  • Create and email invoices.
  • Print invoices for mailing or record keeping.
  • Export invoices in .pdf.
  • Manage recurring payments.
  • View sales reports.

SimpleInvoices will work well for those selling products or services online or off. SimpleInvoices is a web-based application that can be installed on a web server or Windows PC. The SimpleInvoices online demo will show you the ins and outs of this easy-to-manage invoicing tool.

PHP Hosting Biller

PHP Hosting Biller was designed especially for small web hosting companies and resellers. This free software lets users do the following:

  • Add new clients.
  • Automate web hosting ordering.
  • Make announcements to customers.
  • Ban user IPs.
  • Integrate with PayPal and 2Checkout.
  • Manage customer details.

PHP Hosting Biller was created especially for web hosting companies and resellers and needs to be installed on a Linux-based web hosting server or computer.


Whois.Cart is a popular, well aged complete hosting billing solution. Whosis.Cart is a free web-based software tool that features:

  • Complete customization.
  • IP-based fraud screening.
  • WhoIs engine.
  • Total integration with cPanel, Interworx, Helm and DirectAdmin control panels.
  • Support for multiple payment portals.
  • Client base management tools.
  • Support for manual or recurrent invoicing.

Whois.Cart works with Linux and Windows systems and is a simple tool to employ for small web hosting companies and resellers. A full demo of Whois.Cart is available on their website.

For more free web hosting invoicing tools, take a look at HotScripts.com.