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GoDaddy Announces Reseller Hosting Packages

Published on 8/23/2012 by

GoDaddy, domain registrar giant and web hosting company, announced this week that they’ve begun to sell reseller web hosting packaging. Typically, reseller plans are geared toward those who need to manage multiple websites or wish to start their own web hosting company. Scott Brown, GoDaddy Vice President of Hosting, said the news plans are super simple to sign up for and use.

“Go Daddy’s Reseller Hosting gets resellers up and running quickly," said Brown. “We build products and services for Web designers and developers that are easy to use and increase their bottom line. Reseller hosting gives designers and developers complete control without getting bogged down in buying and managing software.”

GoDaddy's new reseller hosting plans start at $39.99/month and include cPanel and WHM control panels. And unlike traditional reseller hosting plans, which are typically located on a shared web hosting server, GoDadd's plans will be powered by virtual private servers. The new GoDaddy VPS reseller hosting accounts will include dedicated memory, generous hardware resources and 24/7 support.

Check out GoDaddy’s new reseller hosting plans on their website, and see how they compare to other reseller web hosts.