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How to Choose a Menu Builder?

Published on 3/10/2011 by

Menu builders are tools that are used to create navigational website menus for web pages. In the past, you had to be an experienced programmer to add complex and visually appealing website menus, but today’s innovative menu building tools make it possible for anyone of any skill level to make their own. Ready to get started? Here are a few tips to help you choose the menu builder that’s right for you.

What type of software do you need?

Today’s website menu building software can be downloaded and installed on your local computer or used in the cloud online. What type of software do you prefer? If you’re going to be building your menu using multiple computers, it may be wise to turn to the Internet and use a web based tool that will save your data in the cloud and allow you to work on the same project from work or home. If you’ll only be using one computer from one location to construct your website navigational menus, you can safely choose either tool. In that case, it will come down to personal preference.

What’s your operating system?

Most software has been built for a specific operating system. Some software runs only on Windows and Linux and some functions solely on Apple hardware. When you’re searching for menu building software, be aware of what operating system each piece of software is intended to operate on. If you’re interested in a web based menu builder, most are made to run on all types of hardware, including portable devices.

What language will you use?

Navigational menus can be constructed using a wide variety of programming languages like Flash, JavaScript, DHML, and CSS. Do you have a preference? Most software outputs a simple code that you copy and paste into your preexisting web pages. Some types of code, such as excessive JavaScript, can cause problems with older browsers or even slow the speed of your web page. Familiarize yourself with each language by viewing sample dynamic web pages on each manufacturer’s website.

What’s your budget?

There are a multitude of free menu building tools online, so it’s never necessary to pay for such software. However, there are some paid versions of menu builders that offer features that free software just can’t match, like prebuilt templates, endless color combinations and advanced implementation into your website.

Ease of use

Most menu builders are made with novice users in mind. This means that 99% of new webmasters can easily learn how to build their own navigational menus in a matter of moments. One thing to pay attention to is how your navigational code will be added to your web pages.  With most programs you’ll have to do nothing more difficult than copy and paste code directly into your web pages. More advanced programs however, may ask that you perform more difficult tasks.

Building a website menu can be made quick and simple with the help of menu builders. What will you build today?