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How to Choose a Reseller Hosting Company?

Published on 2/26/2011 by

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting plan where you purchase a predetermined amount of space and bandwidth and are then allowed to resell that space at a profit if you so choose.  Not everyone who purchases reseller web hosting has hopes of becoming the next big web hosting company.  In some cases, designers, developers and those who have multiple websites to get online choose to buy into a web hosting reseller plan to save money and time.  It is, after all, easier to manage multiple domains and projects in one central location than to have to browse from host to host to take care of business.

Now that you’ve decided that reseller hosting is right for you, how do you choose a web hosting company and plan that will support you?

Define your needs

Those who intend to start a small web hosting company will have an entirely different set of needs from the person who wants a reseller hosting plan for the convenience of hosting multiple domains in that space.  Your first step to choosing a web hosting company who can support you is to define your specific needs.    What will you be using your web hosting space for?

Make a list of requirements

Whether you’re starting your own web hosting company or will be hosting multiple domains with your reseller hosting plan, you have requirements which must be met.  What will you need?

  • Space:  How much space will your project require?
  • Bandwidth:  How much traffic do you expect to receive?
  • Support:  Do you prefer a web hosting company who can provide support 24/7 by telephone or are you okay with using a web based help desk that operates only during business hours?
  • Control panel:  What sort of control panel would you like to manage your domains?
  • Software:  Are you comfortable installing server software or would you prefer a control panel that has software built-in?
  • Custom nameservers:  If you’re going to be reselling hosting, having the option to use custom nameservers, sometimes also referred to as white label nameservers, is a must. 
  • Extras:  If you’re starting your own hosting company or an e-commerce store, you will need SSL certificates and shopping carts to help your clients checkout securely.

Read web hosting reviews

The easiest way to find a reliable hosting company that will help turn your dreams into reality is to start reading web hosting reviews.  Quality reviews written by experts and clients will give you an inside look into any web hosting company.  By reading reviews you’ll be able to see firsthand how reliable any web hosting company is and how they interact with their customers.

Conduct interviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for the perfect reseller hosting company, spend a few days exchanging emails with those hosts.  Your reseller hosting company should be able to provide you with these details:

  • Uptime guarantee.  Will you be reimbursed if your websites are offline for a certain percentage of time each month?
  • Money back guarantee.  Is there a money back guarantee in place that allows you to test services before being locked into a contract?
  • Terms of Service.  Are there limits to what you can host with your web hosting space?
  • Support hours.  What kinds of support are available and when?

Are you ready to find your next reseller hosting company?