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How to Choose a SharePoint Hosting Provider?

Published on 3/10/2011 by

WSS stands for Windows SharePoint Services and it’s an advanced type of Windows hosting that allows users to collaborate and share documents, information, calendars and ideas in real time. Are you thinking about opening a WSS hosting account? Make sure you ask yourself these questions first.

How will it be hosted

With WSS, you can self host on your own web hosting server, virtual private server or choose a specialized Windows SharePoint hosting company. Unless you have the technical know-how and a background that will help you manage WSS, it’s usually best to start out with SharePoint hosting accounts.

How many users will there be?

The beauty about WSS hosting is that you can add an unlimited number of users to your account. You may start with only a handful of SharePoint users, but can easily add thousands by upgrading your account as needed. To start with, how many of you will be jumping on the WSS bandwagon? Accounts are charged not only by space needed, but also by the number of active users.

Do you prefer a contract?

Some WSS hosts require you sign up to a year long contract and others allow you to operate month-to-month. What’s your preference?

How much disk space do you need?

Bandwidth is something you rarely have to worry about with WSS hosting, but you will need to know how much disk space you’ll require.

Would you like to try before you buy?

WSS hosting can be a big investment and as such, many companies let you try out their services before you invest a thing. If you’re interested, check for free 30-day trials. If not, be sure to read good, quality web hosting reviews that give you good insight into some of the most reliable WSS hosts on the market.

How many subsites will you require?

WSS hosting allows you to set up a number of subsites, depending on the plan you choose. If you have a good indication of just how many subsites you’ll need, you’ll be able to factor that into your hosting plan right away.

What’s your budget?

WSS hosting is priced quite differently from standard shared hosting because of its unique features. Some companies charge extra for daily backups, messengers and MS Exchange add-ons, and other hosts include those features in the package price. Know your budget before you go shopping to avoid overspending for things you may not need. WSS hosting features can always be added in later if not needed now.

What version do you prefer?

WSS is hosting is available in several different versions including SharePoint 2010 Foundation and SharePoint 2007 (WSS).

Windows SharePoint is a powerful hosting environment that will allow you and your business to connect and flourish. By knowing what you need before shopping for a WSS host, you’ll save yourself valuable time and money.