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How to Choose an Email Hosting Provider?

Published on 2/26/2011 by

Email hosting is a type of web hosting that is dedicated to managing email servers and accounts.  Unlike traditional web hosting, which gives users a predetermined amount of space and bandwidth with which to host their website and email accounts, email hosting is geared only towards providing the most reliable email hosting on the planet.

How do you choose an email host that’s right for you?

Define your needs

Everyone has a different set of requirements when it comes to email and if you’re going to find a host to fill your specific needs, you’ll have to go about defining them first.  Email hosting offers a variety of different services and features, such as:

Number of email accounts:  Will you need one email address or many?

Mailbox sizes:  How much space do you anticipate using?  Will you be storing emails on the email server or downloading them into a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook?

Control panel:  Would you like a control panel that will help you quickly add and delete email addresses and manage your email hosting account?

MS Hosted Exchange:  Will you need to use an MS Exchange Server?

Automated backups and retrieval:  Do you need your email account automatically backed up for you?  If you accidentally delete an email, retrieval services will also be able to restore the original email to your inbox.  Are these features important to you?

Enhanced security:  Would you like SSL encryption which will encrypt your data during transmission?

Support:  Do you need a support staff available to answer technical questions 24/7?

Uptime guarantee:  Would you like service to be guaranteed?  Many email hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee that promises your email will be available 24/7 or you will be reimbursed.

Contract:  Would you like to sign a one year hosting agreement or remain contract-free?

Trial period:  Trial periods allow you to test email hosting services for a set period of time before signing up as a paid client.

Consider your budget

Email hosting ranges in price from a few dollars per month to over $20 a month, depending on your specific needs.  Those who require such extra services, such as MS Hosted Exchange, will pay a significantly heftier monthly fee that those who do not.

Read reviews

The best way to find the most reliable email hosts is to spend some time reading web hosting reviews.  Expert and client reviews will give you firsthand knowledge and experience from current and past customers of web hosting companies you may be considering.

Email hosting companies offer reliability and premium services than many web hosting companies cannot.  In order to find the perfect email host for you, create a needs list, figure in your budget, and spend a few days reading quality web hosting reviews.