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How To Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your Website

Published on 8/23/2012 by

Pinterest is a virtual billboard-styled social media website where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. But you knew that, right? After all, Pinterest is currently one of the most popular websites online. Aside from collecting gift ideas for your sister’s wedding or gathering bathroom remodeling ideas, Pinterest can also help drive huge traffic numbers to your website. Here’s how.

Connect your accounts

People become more interested in you, and what you do, when they know who you are and what you’re all about.  To your Pinterest profile, be sure to add a link to your website, Facebook and Google + accounts, and any other social media networks where you’re most active. And be sure to fill in the “About” section on Pinterest.

Pin and repin often

You can’t get the attention of others unless you’re engaging with them on some level. In order to do this, you’ll need to participate in Pinterest action often. Pin items of interest on a regular basis, and repin things that others post. I don’t know about you, but I’m instantly curious about the people who notice my links enough to want to pass them on. And don’t forget about videos. Pinterest lets users pin video content from YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing services.

Add a Pinterest button to your website

Putting up a Pinterest button to your website gives others the chance to pin your stuff and promote your ecommerce shop, blog or other website for free. Pinterest buttons are free and can be added via the Pinterest website.

Put keywords to use

SEO experts, webmasters and designers know that using keywords within your website helps others find you, and the same is true with Pinterest.  A recent study confirmed that Pinterest is now driving more traffic than Twitter, so if you’re going to jump on this social media success story with everything you’ve got, you’re going to need to start using keywords to attract the right sort of people.

Know your audience

In 2012, 83% of U.S. Pinterest users were women. In Britain, though, 56% of daily Pinterest users were reported as male, and 10 years younger than the average U.S. Pinterest fans. Know your audience! Does your website cater to career-driven young adult males, housewives, the older gentleman, or everyone? What can you pin and repin to help attract those in your website’s  and Pinterest’s demographics?

If you haven’t jumped on this year’s biggest social media bandwagon yet, get going! Pinterest accounts are free of charge, as are the Pinterest iPhone and Android apps.