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How to Get Invited Now to Google+?

Published on 7/6/2011 by

The Google+ Project, Google’s latest foray into social networking, is currently operating in limited field trial mode. In other words, it’s hard to score an invitation the old fashioned way.  Here at ReviewGurus, we’ve got your back, and are ready to come to the rescue with free, easy to obtain Google+ invites.

Score Google+ invite from ReviewsGurus

To get your free invitation to Google+ from ReviewsGurus, follow these simple steps:

1-  this post to your Facebook friends

2-   Plus One This post

3-  Leave your email address so we can invite you:

4-  And that’s it! We verify the above actions and send you an invite!

We’re giving away Google+ invitations right now. Don’t miss out! Follow the above steps and wait to be chosen to participate in the all new and exciting Google+ Project.

See you there!