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Interview with SiteGround Customer Service Supervisor

Published on 10/23/2012 by

I had a chance to sit down this week with Dimitar Dimitrov, SiteGround.com Customer Service Supervisor.  SiteGround is a leading web hosting company online, specializing in shared web hosting, semi-dedicated server hosting, cloud VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Known for their outstanding customer service and support, SiteGround had lots to tell us about what’s happening behind the scenes at their growing company.

RG:  How did you get involved with SiteGround and how has that changed you?

SiteGround - The Best Team

DD:  I started working for SiteGround straight out of college. Back then, I was just a young, stubborn kid, and was eager to prove to everyone how hardworking I was. I started as a customer service representative more than four years ago, and steadily climbed up the ladder to reach my current position. In the beginning, I was more focused on my personal goals and targets. Now I think as a team player, and always for the greater good of both my colleagues and our customers.

RG:  What’s an average day like for you at SiteGround?

DD:  I come in about 9 o’clock, have a little chat with the guys to see how the morning shift is going, then I get a cup of hot tea and start reading the reports of our reps.

Our main focus at SiteGround has always been to provide the best possible support and this is what my top priority is as well. Outstanding customer service doesn’t happen overnight, it requires hard work, supervision and dedication, and that’s where I come in.

RG:  SiteGround is known for excellent customer service support. How are you continually working to improve that?

DD:  We are so fanatic about the quality and speed of our support that we monitor how fast a call is picked up. Our goal is to have at least 90% of the calls answered within the first 15 seconds, and each time a customer waits more than that, we analyze why. Were there not enough operators on shift? What caused the delay? What can we do to optimize our calls?

I also spend time reading feedback from our customers, as this is vital to our improvement, and ensures that what they get is exactly what they’re looking for.

RG: There’s a spirit of excitement and innovation at SiteGround. How do you maintain that?

SiteGround - The Best Team


DD:  When you start working for SiteGround you realize that it truly means joining a big family. We go to team buildings together, play sports together, go on vacations together. Everybody knows everyone, from the CEO and CTO to the newest member of the support team. That strong bond helps us communicate better and find solutions for hosting issues. We strive to be innovators and constantly challenge the hosting status quo so that we can push the industry to new, higher standards.

RG: SiteGround has made many changes recently. What’s new?

DD:  We’re constantly updating software and hardware on our servers to give customers a hosting environment that is as fast as possible. Getting our customers to know us better and connect with them on a personal level has been another goal of ours. That is why we recently launched a new chat interface, new support portal and new blog design, all of which have a personal employee profiles in them. Now our customers can see who they are speaking with, what kind of people they are, what their experience in the company has been.

To improve the user experience, we have redesigned our User Area, as well. Now it provides more flexibility and our customers can easily switch from cPanel back to the User Area without even changing tabs.

We introduce new features almost on a daily basis, the latest of which is a free CDN service and a free WordPress Autoupdate feature. There’s a long list of new features to be introduced in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

RG: What is it that sets SiteGround apart from other hosting companies?

DD:  We are highly innovative when it comes to technology. We always look for our own solutions where other hosting companies would never imagine such a thing could be found. We are proud to have invented unique technologies, like account isolation on a shared server, or multiple versions of PHP available on a single server. We also genuinely care about our customers, as we realize that they are our most valuable asset. The success of our company depends on the success of each of our customers, so we’re really passionate about assisting them.

RG: Where do you see SiteGround in, say, five or ten years?

DD:  In the IT world things change by the hour, not by the year. It’s hard to say where we will be technologically in five or ten years. However, I can say this for sure:  we have been working in the hosting market for over eight years now and we have more than 250,000 websites hosted. We aim to remain on top when it comes to technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

See SiteGround’s new and expanded offices online, and visit SiteGround.com to learn more about this innovative, top-quality web hosting company.

Special thanks to Dimitar Dimitrov for sharing an afternoon with ReviewsGurus.