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The Ins and Outs of Email Hosting

Published on 8/25/2010 by

Paying for reliability

How reliable is your email?  Has your paid web hosting account or company server ever gone offline unexpectedly, leaving you with no way to communicate with others?  If you own a website and a domain name you know that when your domain goes offline, so does your email.  It’s great if you have a backup email address with gmail or another service, but it can look unprofessional to write clients or coworkers from an address that doesn’t match your business domain name.

Enter in email hosting.  Unlike web hosting packages, which give users a set amount of space and bandwidth to host a website, email hosting focuses only on giving you the most reliable email service on the planet.

Who uses email hosting?

Anyone with a domain name can take advantage of email hosting.  Who typically uses email hosting?

  • People who don’t need a website.  You may own a domain that matches your last name, but have no interest in having a website or paying premium prices for web hosting you’ll never use.
  • Networks and companies.  There’s only one company website, but thousands of employees using email addresses with corporations, small businesses and networks.
  • Those sending massive amounts of mail.  Companies and individuals who send newsletters or business correspondence often need to send the same letter to thousands of people at one time.  Most web hosting companies have restrictions on how much outgoing mail can be sent each hour.
  • People who are focused on reliability.  Many who own websites choose to host their email on a different server so that customers and others can reach them in the event of an emergency.  Take web hosting companies, for example, who very often do not host their email address on the same server as their website or clients.  How would they communicate with customers if a web server goes offline?

Where to find email hosting

Even if your domain is hosted with a web hosting company, you can choose to host your email address elsewhere.  You’ll pay a small monthly fee, which covers the cost of disk storage, a certain number of email addresses, access to webmail, and many other features.  Where can you find email only hosting?

  • Domain registrars.  You can host your email with the domain registrar you used to register your domain name for just a few bucks a year.
  • Google apps.  Google apps can handle all your domain based email and even your website.
  • Email hosting companies.  There are a host of companies who specialize in providing nothing but stable, dependable email hosting.  Many hosts not only offer standard email services, but also additional free software that you can use to sync cell phones, Blackberries and other portable electronic devices.

If you or your business requires rock solid performance and reliability, email hosting is the way to go.  For just a few dollars a month, an email host can give you the added security of knowing you’ll be able to communicate with others no matter what.