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Spring Cleaning; Tidying Up Your Web Hosting and Website

Published on 4/27/2011 by

Ahhh…it’s springtime. The buds on the trees are beginning to unfold, the kids are now tracking in mud instead of snow, and it’s time to tidy up, say goodbye to cold weather and winter jackets, and prepare for a leisurely summer. Just as you put a little elbow grease into spring cleaning at home, you should be doing the same with your web hosting plan and website. Need a few tips to get started? Read on.

Restock your supplies

You can’t begin your cleaning chores unless you have ample supplies. Spring is a good time to take a serious look at your web hosting plan and determine whether it’s meeting all of your needs. Are you using all of your hosting space and bandwidth each month? Are you paying overage fees because you’re using too much? Reevaluate your current hosting plan and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. And if you’re unhappy with your host, start reading web hosting reviews and find a company that’s a better fit for you.

Air everything out

You open your windows at home every spring and let the fresh air in and you’ll want to breathe the same new life into your website at this time of year, too.  Go through your web pages one by one and check for the following:

  • Outdated About Us page.
  • Missing or broken links.
  • A color scheme that needs updating.
  • Poorly functioning plug-ins or themes.
  • Spam filters that aren’t doing their job.
  • Scripts that aren’t quite perfect.

Remove or update things that aren’t working 100% and usher in fresh, new material and fixes.

Clean your windows

We clean windows in the springtime to let the sunlight in and better see outside. You’ll want to do the same with your website, where your front window is your index or home page. What’s the first thing you notice when your site loads? Is there something you’ve been putting off? An updated logo or About Us page can help readers see you in an entirely different light.

Organize your tools for the season

It’s this time of year that home owners ready their rakes, gardening tools and lawn mowers for the season. You’ll need to do the same with your web hosting and website.

  • Is your SSL certificate up-to-date?
  • Do you have a promotion or launch to ready for?
  • Is your blog software current?
  • Do you need to add or remove email addresses?
  • Is it time to change your control panel password?
  • Would a new FTP client make your life easier?
  • Do you have a solid plan to perform routine website backups?

Spring cleaning is a ritual we perform to open the curtains and welcome in the new season.  Shake the dust off your website, take a serious look at your web hosting plan and tidy everything up. After all, summer is just around the corner.