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Web Hosting on a Budget

Published on 8/5/2010 by

Is it possible to put up a website without breaking the bank or worrying about a second mortgage?  Yes!  No matter what your financial situation, you can get yourself online and start making money with a website today.  Here's our guide to web hosting on a budget.

The free domain name

There are pros and cons to grabbing the free domain that some web hosts offer as a bonus with the purchase of a web hosting account.  If you find a reliable host you can trust, taking advantage of the free domain name offer will save you about $10/year.

Buy only what you need

Unlimitedspace and bandwidth are the biggest things going online.  You already know that there's no such thing as unlimited anything.  Ignore what looks like the best deal and pay only for what you need!  Don't choose a host simply because they offer unlimited resources. 

If you're starting a blog or small business site, you can safely purchase the smallest hosting plan with any credible web host.  If you need more space and bandwidth in the future, you can always upgrade your account.  In the meantime, it's silly to pay for resources and space you won't be using.

Pay by the year

If you find a web host with a solid reputation and happy clients, consider paying for your hosting account a year in advance. Paying by the year, instead of month-to-month, can save you anywhere from 30-60%.  That's huge!

Ask about unadvertised specials

Web hosts frequently run specials on hosting packages that aren't advertised on their site.  Email the host you're interested in and ask if they have any specials running.

Go with the free control panel

Choosing a host who offers a free control panel as part of the hosting package will save you both time and money.  Control panels have software built-in, which means you won't have to hunt down an FTP program or website builder to get your site online.  With a control panel, you can do all those things and more.

Use open source software

Many open source software programs can replace expensive commercial applications, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.  Whether you need a color picker or HTML editor, you can find an open source piece of software that can handle the job.

Take a trip to the library

Want to learn HTML, CSS or how to manipulate images?  A trip to your local library is all you need to begin learning basic website design.

Use the Internet

Use your best friend Google to scour the Internet for free resources like background images, icons, and fonts.

Get a designer free

Website designers give away website designs and templates in exchange for a small link to their website.  Whether you need a Wordpress theme or full site design, you can find it online for free.

Are you ready to get your site online?