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What is Video Hosting?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

Video web hosting is a service that allows users to upload video clips to their Internet website and put them on display for others to see.  Those videos are stored on a web hosting server and may be viewed at anytime by anyone with an Internet connection. Unlike traditional web hosting companies, which specialize in serving up web pages and content, video hosting companies work only with those who need to display a large number of videos online.

Why choose paid video hosting over free?

Websites like YouTube and Vimeo are two of the most widely used and recognized domains associated with free video hosting.  And while both sites do offer free services, those services are of the most basic nature.   As anyone who’s had a longtime account with either website will tell you, free video hosting services are not very efficient and come with many limitations.  Videos often take ages to upload and even then, sometimes don’t upload completely.  Additionally, videos are often pulled off web hosting servers without notice, leaving the end user feeling out of control.

Paid video hosting offers a wide range of benefits that free services simply cannot match.

Statistics and analytics:  Video hosting companies provide detailed statistics so you’ll know not only how many people have viewed your videos, but also where they came from and how they found you.

Faster uploading:  Uploading to a video hosting server is lightning fast and can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including a web based control panel or FTP program.  Video hosting also allows for batch uploading so that you can upload multiple videos at one time.

Control over advertising:  Having your own video hosting account means that you can monetize your website and earn money each time someone views one of your videos, as opposed to earning money for someone else.

Mobile device support:  Video web hosting allows for mobile device support for cell phones, smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

Higher video quality:  Your videos will be converted and encoded, so they’ll look cleaner and sharper.

Content management:  You’ll be given a web based control panel to sort, organize, add and delete videos.

Privacy:  Choose which videos you want to display publicly and which can be viewed only by users you specify.

Live streaming:  Some video hosting companies allow live streaming so you can conduct conference calls, personal concerts or televise events as they happen.

Branding:  You’ll be able to market your website any way you choose.

How video hosting works

When you sign up for a video hosting account, you’ll be given a set amount of space and bandwidth to use each month.  You’ll sign into your web hosting server using a predefined username and password and from there, you’ll be able to upload videos, view statistical data, monetize your website and manage every aspect of your website.

Video web hosting is one of the fastest growing industries online.  If you’re serious about getting your high quality videos online, there’s no better way to do it than working with a video hosting company.