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What's Slowing Down Your Website?

Published on 1/11/2013 by

Google engineers discovered recently that most web surfers are unwilling to wait for slow-loading websites to load before moving on to another site. As it turns out, internet users don't even have 400 milliseconds of patience--that's literally how long it takes to blink your eyes—to wait out a web page that stutters and sputters as it displays in their browser. If you’re a webmaster, those can be scary numbers. Have no fear, Reviews Gurus is here! You can learn what’s slowing down your website with these online apps and tools.

Internet Supervision

Internet Supervision is an easy-to-use website monitoring tool that measures the performance, availability and content of your domain or web server. With Internet Supervision, you'll have eyes on your website 24/7, alerting you of possible problems and pointing out areas that may be slowing your site to a crawl. Internet Supervision offers a free plan that will monitor up to one domain. Paid plans are also available.

Link Vendor

Link Vendor offers a wide variety of services, including the ability to show you how long your website takes to load. Once Link Vendor has identified potential problems, they'll tell you whether it makes sense to optimize your website or find a faster web server or hosting company.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools will test your URL free of charge and gauge its uptime, analyze problems, and help you find solutions to common speed issues. Users of Pingdom Tools can test their website from the Amsterdam, New York City and Dallas.

Webpage Test

WebPageTest.org is a free online app that will speed test your domain from multiple locations using real web browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Users can run simple or advanced tests, and even check for mobile phone load speeds.

Website Optimization

WebsiteOptimization.com has a free web page analyzer that can help to improve your website performance by calculating page size, composition, and download time. The results and analysis offer commonsense advice on how you can speed up and optimize your website.


1-Hit.com’s free load time analyzer calculates the swiftness of your website, automatically comparing it to the speeds of various well-known sites. In addition to telling you how long it takes your website to render, this free tool will point out images that could use optimization.

Molasses-slow websites are often the result of poor coding, images that haven’t been optimized for the web, and database issues. In most cases, you can fix these things on your own by using one of the above tools. Poor web server performance can also be to blame for troubled websites. If using the above apps does nothing to improve your website, reach out to your web hosting company.