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Storm Expert Review- From the Editors

Storm on Demand was founded in 2010 as an offshoot of LiquidWeb, a popular web hosting company that’s been in business since 1997.  Storm on Demand uses LiquidWeb’s three data centers located in Lansing, MI.



I wanted to speak with a representative from Storm on Demand before signing on as a client. I couldn’t find out whether Storm on Demand offered a money back guarantee from their website, so I thought it best to clarify. Storm on Demand gives out sales and service help by telephone, email and live chat. Due to time constraints, I chose live chat and was almost immediately connected with a sales representative. Bret, the sales team member I spoke with, answered all of my questions in a timely manner and invited me to return to live chat if I needed anything else.


I found the sign up process with Storm on Demand both simple and straight forward, taking just under ten minutes to complete. Storm on Demand requires account verification, so shortly after paying, I received an phone call and was given a pin number. That pin number then needs to be used to complete registration online. Again, this was an easy step. Once completed, I was able to setup my server with a few simple clicks, and then I waited for Storm on Demand to finish the setup process for me. Within ten minutes, my new server space was set to go. The setup process with Storm on Demand was very straight forward and hassle free.


Storm on Demand bills clients on a monthly basis. I was charged only for what I ordered and was never overbilled or forced to pay for anything I hadn’t signed up for.


Storm on Demand’s pricing begins at $50/month, not including bandwidth.  (Operating systems and control panels are extra.) Storm’s pricing structure is slightly higher than other companies offering cloud hosting, but not out of the ballpark.  Clients are technically charged only for what they use on an hourly basis and with a 100% uptime guarantee, it’s difficult to put a price on reliability.

One thing to note:  Storm on Demand does not currently offer a money back guarantee.  Bret, the company spokesperson I spoke with, did say that since I would be paying one month in advance, he would happily refund any hours I did not use if I chose to opt out of Storm’s service.  This is not in Storm on Demand’s Terms of Service and there was no word on whether this would become the usual policy or not.


Storm on Demand proved to be extremely reliable. My experience with my server and with Storm has been flawless. The custom control panel called Storm Dashboard makes managing the server a cinch and I’ve not had any hardware issues to speak of.

Help & Support

I’ve taken the time to contact Storm on Demand through their many support channels on several occasions. Live chat is the quickest to respond—connecting instantaneously. The longest I’ve had to wait for email support has been two hours. I found Storm on Demand to be very responsive to customers and eager to help.


I have a premium uptime monitoring tool in place to keep track of my domain names and make sure they’re all online. I’ve not had a single second of downtown with Storm on Demand.


  • 100% uptime guarantee

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for Storm on Demand are laid out online.  Highlights include:

  • No IRC or pirated software.
  • Spamming strictly forbidden.
  • Advanced server support $50/hour.

Bottom Line


  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Extremely reliable network
  • 24/7 support
  • Intuitive, easy to use custom control panel


  • No money back guarantee

Storm Plans

Cloud Windows Hosting Plans:

Same plans as Linux

Cloud Linux Hosting Plans:

Storm 2GB - $50/mon $0.07/hr
Storm 4GB - $100/mon $0.14/hr
Storm 8GB - $200/mon $0.27/hr
Storm 16GB - $250/mon $0.34/hr
Storm 32GB - $500/mon $0.69/hr

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