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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ensure you protect any payment to this company with Paypal or similar.

Advantages: The templates are very good at a reasonable price
Disadvantages: Their customer service is awful. I strongly advise against using Template-Tuning a subsidiary of Template-Monster
Verdict: Template-Tuning, Template-Help, Template-Monster and Jetimpex Inc, are all the same monster! Template Monster actually have some great templates on the face of it, but unless you have extensive knowledge of the type of template you are buying - DON'T Once you have bought a template - if you require any help, you will be directed to Template-Help. I initially found them quite helpful - they even made me a custom video, explaining step by step how to do something. That service was great. However, if you want anything more than basic help, you will be directed to Template-Tuning. These guys will charge you (a lot) to do even the most basic of things. All I requested was that my contact form was altered to allow me to choose which recipient it was sent to, with the addition of a drop down box. I was advised of a price of $120 for this, but as the original template had only cost $62 I could not justify this. Linda Robertson (if that is her real name) agreed a discount and I ended up paying $79. I was then passed on to a project manager called Rose Bennett (again doubt if this is her real name) who told me that it would be completed quickly. Within a few days I was sent the updated files. Anyone knows that to add a dropdown box to a contact form only requires a few lines of basic code and this was something I could have easily done myself. I tried to get the form working, but it wouldn't. When I looked at the code, I could see that all they had done was to add a dropdown that was not connected to any emails and was NOT what I asked for. They had also added quite a few unnecessary files. When I pointed this out I was told that I hadn't paid for the form to be 'activated' and for that they would need more money. Hmmmmm I ask you - what is the point of adding a dropdown that does nothing? My chats with them (which I have) clearly state that I wanted the form to be able to email different recipients. I was getting nowhere with my supposed 'project manager' and that was when I could get hold of her. The 'chat' option was never available and she would take up to 4 days to reply to emails. Luckily, I had paid via Paypal, so I opened a dispute via them. Jetimpex Inc (their trading name) did not respond via Paypal once - despite me sending at least 3 different messages. Eventually, I was passed on to someone called Emma Barnes (Customer Care Manager). Despite her admitting that the service I had received from both Linda and Rose was substandard, including that I should not have been given a discount, she also refused to accept that I had not got what I had asked for. Under threat of making a claim via Paypal - my fee was refunded in full. My advice is very simple. The only way to sort this part of Template Monster out is to stop using them. Whatever you do - DO NOT pay them anything unless it is via Paypal - that way at least you are protected. I STRONGLY advise that you do a search for Template-Tuning and read all the awful reviews that are out there. They pretty much all say the same thing. Buy your template from Template-Monster, by all means. Most of them are very well designed and attractive, BUT if you need any customisation or help in activating it etc I would Google a company called Freelancer. At Freelancer you can register and then make a job request for whatever it is you want doing. Within seconds you will have a huge choice of Freelance experts bidding for the work. You can see their feedback, success rates etc and then pick one to do your job for you. Most offer a fixed price (a LOT less than Template-Tuning). You then pay the fee (which is held by Freelancer) until you are 100% happy with your project. Only then do you release the funds to the programmer. A great service and most jobs will be completed within 24 hours! I chose a guy called Puneet (puneetjaini) He said he was a ‘Guru’ and he was! The job that Template Tuning failed to do in 3-4 weeks was done in less than 18 hours! A huge difference to Template-Tuning who will take your money, then be difficult to communicate with, not produce what you asked for and then try to extort more money from you to do the job you wanted them to do in the first place. The only way that Template-Tuning is going to learn is by people reading the reviews and voting with their feet. I hope I have done a decent job in warning you. I have all the chats I had with these people as proof should anyone want to know more.

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