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5 Tips to Frugal Web Hosting

Published on 9/4/2012 by

Today’s consumers are better informed than any other generation in history. Thanks to the internet and smartphone technologies, the buyers of today are able to shop smarter because they have budgeting tools, comparison shopping apps and digital coupons available 24/7. Though there are no dedicated apps to comparison shop for a new web hosting company (yet), there are steps you can take to make sure you never overspend for hosting again.

1. Buy your domain from a registrar

Some web hosting companies charge double and even triple what the average domain registrar does for a .com. That’s insane! Even worse, if you decide to leave your current web hosting company after having registered a domain through them, there’s at least a slight chance you will lose ownership of that domain name.

Accredited domain registrars will protect your domain, no matter which hosting company you use, or how many times you switch hosts. It’s also generally cheaper to get a new domain from a registrar. For inexpensive domain registration and the latest in domain name sales, bookmark these websites:

2. Pay only for what you need

You wouldn’t buy a minivan in anticipation of someday having a big family, and you also should not invest in a dedicated server for a website that’s just getting off the ground. Figure out how much disk space your website will really need and know that you can upgrade to a larger hosting package, virtual private server or dedicated server as your needs and website traffic increase.

3. Extend your contract

It’s generally cheaper to buy things in bulk or invest in the long-term. That’s true when it comes to web hosting too.  Many companies discount their web hosting package prices by as much as 75% when you sign on for a one or two year contract. If you find a host you like and trust, extend your contract.

4. Know where the sales are

Everything goes on sale at some point, including web hosting. You’ll find web hosting specials and sales on the following websites:

5. Invest only in reliable web hosting companies

It may seem like a good deal to pay a buck for a full year of hosting but anyone who’s ever put their domain online knows that prices like that aren’t sustainable. If that cheap web hosting company doesn’t go out of business due to lack of profit, I can almost guarantee your website will be hosted on an overcrowded server that will be offline more than it’s online. It’s always cheaper in the long run to invest in a reliable hosting company than it is to move from host to host to host.

With a little time and research, you can find a quality web hosting company and stretch your hosting dollar.

Happy savings!