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New Study Finds That Customers Are Most Concerned About Speed and Uptime

Published on 11/28/2012 by

What is it about your web hosting company that impresses you most? Are you more thrilled with your hosting control panel or the price you pay for hosting each month? According to a new study from JoomlaHosting.co, it’s speed and uptime that clients appreciate most. And that makes a fair amount of sense. After all, if your website is constantly down it doesn’t matter much what control panel your host uses or how much you shell out each month for hosting services.

The Joomla Hosting study was based on a survey offered nationally to anyone willing to participate. Joomla Hosting asked webmasters to take the following into account, and then rate their importance:

  • Price
  • Technical support
  • Features
  • Speed and uptime
  • Company reputation

Turns out, the majority of hosting clients are most concerned about uptime and speed. In fact, an overwhelming number of those responding to the survey agreed that speed and uptime were of the utmost importance. Following that, 21 percent of Joomla Hosting survey takers felt that price played the next most important role in their hosting decisions.

Hosting prices and server features may attract new clients, but it’s still true that we’re most impressed by quality. When put to the test, webmasters and domain owners care more about keeping their site online than they do the price tag.

Could the web hosting industry be changing? Are we finally really more interested in paying for quality hosting and less concerned about getting in on an unlimited everything deal?

To see the full details of this study, visit JoomlaHosting.co