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123-reg Expert Review- From the Editors

Part of the Host Europe Group, the largest privately owned hosting company in Europe, 123-reg offers domain name registration, shared web hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers and virtual private servers. 123-reg uses an eco-friendly data center based in the UK.



Sales questions can be taken to 123-reg by live chat or email. I dropped 123-reg a note on a Friday morning and didn’t hear back from them for nearly five days. I also tried to raise up 123-reg by live chat, but had a difficult time doing so. I later learned that 123-reg only offers live chat and email sales support during business hours on weekdays. To their credit, when I was finally able to chat with and email the sales team, they were very helpful in their replies and seemed to know the company inside and out.


Signing up for an account takes place right on the host’s website. The sign-up process involves nothing more difficult than filling out an online order form and paying for your hosting account. I was able to sign up with ease, but was then left hanging for a few days. I received no welcome letter or even a copy of my invoice after payment. Because I’d signed up on a Friday, I had to wait until 123-reg opened their office again on Monday. The issue was finally sorted out and I was up and running by the following day.


123-reg accepts Direct Debit, PayPal, and all major credit cards. The billing department is open 9-5pm on weekdays. My web hosting package was billed properly, and my account was easy to cancel.


The smallest shared hosting package available, Starter Package, includes 500 megabytes of space and unlimited bandwidth for $4.78/month. It should be noted that this package must be paid for at least one year in advance. Even 123-reg's largest hosting package must be pre-ordered for a three month period. Additionally, hosting plans come with a $15.97 setup fee. Ouch! Virtual private servers run $23.95/month and up, and dedicated servers are $111.89/month and up. 123-reg’s plan are a little short-sided when it comes to hosting space available and many plans come with a hefty setup fee, which cancels out any savings.


Right from the get-go I had trouble with my website’s speed and my email server. My website often took at least two minutes to completely load, and I was unable to retrieve my email via webmail access at all. I contacted support regarding these issues and was eventually moved to a new server, though for the life of my account, webmail never worked the way it should and I was forced to use an external PC email program to retrieve my domain-based mail.

Help & Support

Support is said to be available 24/7 by trouble ticket system, and can be raised by live chat on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. I had repeated problems getting quick answers from 123-reg. When my website speeds became shamefully slow, I submitted a ticket asking to be moved to a new server. I received no response. I submitted a second ticket. Finally, I received two responses from support, but each gave me a different reason for the problem, and one promised to move my website to a new server while the other told me it was impossible to move. Confusing! My website was eventually relocated. However, I found support to be exceptionally slow and largely unavailable.


My uptime monitor indicated that 123-reg maintained a 98.98% uptime rating over a one year period.


  • 7-day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service can be read in full online. Highlights include:
  • Hosting services must be manually cancelled. Early cancellations will not receive pro-rated refunds.
  • Spamming forbidden.
  • No IRC bots or scripts allowed.
  • Websites using excessive server resources may be suspended.

Bottom Line


  • Environmentally friendly hosting.
  • Free domain with some plans.
  • Decent specials.
  • Excellent domain management.


  • Phone support available in UK only.
  • Live chat support only available during business hours.
  • Support generally slow to respond.
  • Setup fees.
  • No uptime guarantee.

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