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AppFog Expert Review- From the Editors

AppFog, originally known as PHPFog, was founded in 2010. This Oregon-based company is a platform as a service (PaaS) supporting all major technology languages.



AppFog answers sales questions through a community support forum on Google and by email. I found the community forum to be extremely helpful in answering my basic concerns, but I still had a few lingering questions that I pushed off in an email. The sales team answered my email within a few hours, plus directed me to their online documentation where I could research their setup further. Smooth!


I began my journey with AppFog by signing up for a free account, a process that is only as complicated as filling in your email address to and online form and choosing a password. A few seconds later, I received an email that I used to verify my address. And that’s as complicated as setup is. It takes mere seconds to register for a free account, upgrade to a paid account, and begin using AppFog. Quick and easy!


AppFog accepts all major credit cards, but not PayPal. I contacted the billing department just once, and that was to ask for more information about upgrading my account. Billing responded quickly and instructed me on the upgrade procedure and billing details. I was never billed for services I didn’t order and found it easy to cancel my account.


AppFog structures their pricing around RAM usage. Basically, you can create as many apps and instances as you like as long as you stay within your RAM limits. The free plan allows for 2GB of RAM, or up to 8 service instances, and paid plans run from $20-$720/month. AppFog offers a generous free plan, and paid plans are reasonably priced.


There were a few times where AppFog was simply down for the count. Upon logging in to my account via the online control panel, I sometimes received an error message that AppFog services were currently unavailable. This happened only a handful of times, but AppFog failed to notify me of what was going on. I was able to get to the community forum to see that others were also having the same issue, but again, AppFog remained silent as to what the trouble may be. Overall, I found AppFog to be reliable, but it would have been nice if they’d taken the time to communicate with customers.

Help & Support

Support for free accounts is offered by community forum and online documentation only. AppFog’s online documentation is thorough and easy to understand, and their forums are active daily. On the free plan, I had no trouble finding the support and help I needed. Paid accounts can use a trouble ticket system, in addition to community forums and documentation. Tickets are answered in under an hour and staff is polite and eager to please.


AppFog maintained a 99.97-percent uptime during my stay.


  • None specified.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy can be read in full online. Highlights include:

  • Applications are charged on a pro-rated basis.
  • Account cancellation done by email.
  • Spam forbidden.

Bottom Line


  • Generous free tier available.
  • Total app management via GUI.
  • Simple to use, even for beginners.
  • Scalable.
  • Git push deploy integration.
  • Fast, reliable network.


  • Meager add-on selection compared to other hosts.
  • Supports only PostgreSQL. (MongoDB and Postgres remain in beta.)
  • No PayPal support.
  • No performance or uptime guarantees.

AppFog Plans

Free Linux Hosting Plans:

AppFog Unlimited apps within 2GB RAM. Apps limited to * domains: FREE

Cloud App Hosting Plans:

AppFog Unlimited apps within 2GB RAM. Unlimited custom domains from $20/month

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