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CloudBees Expert Review- From the Editors

CloudBees.com was formed in 2010. A Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Java applications host, CloudBees has offices in Massachusetts, Delaware, California and Belgium



CloudBees offers many different services and payment tiers. The free plan includes room for two gigabytes of source code and binaries and 300 build minutes per month. The next option, Base, runs $15 per month for 1,000 build minutes. Additional build minutes are billed at $0.106/per hour. CloudBees is generally on par with hosts offering similar services.


My CloudBees hosting account suffered two outages during my stay. The first was an AWS outage. Because the AWS API was completely dead, CloudBees wasn't able to restart new nodes, and I remained offline for a few hours. It's only fair to note here that had I set my application as "highly available," I would not have suffered any downtime. One nice feature about CloudBees is the ability to decide (on an application by application basis) what type of SLA to implement. My second period of downtime was due to packet loss, and CloudBees rectified that by restarting some application and migrating them to other locations.


Sales questions are answered by telephone and email. I rang CloudBees on a Monday morning and was speaking with a sales rep within seconds. I found staff to be well versed and polite, and the conversation left me feeling confident in CloudBees’ abilities. I should also mention that I sent an email to the sales team. It took two days to receive a response and, again, CloudBees left me with a good impression.

Help & Support

CloudBees offers support via telephone, an online ticket system and a user forum. CloudBees also has quite a bit of help documentation on their website, though we found those files not to be of much help. It seemed to require multiple clicks to get to the information we needed to proceed, but the answers were anemic and often lacking adequate instruction.

On the flipside, forum support is wonderful. I posted a request for help after getting an unfamiliar error message while trying to get my app deployed. Support responded within moments, not only with a helpful answer, but also promising to clear up the error message so that it made more sense to clients.

Ticket support is a little on the slow side. It often took two days to receive basic answers to my inquiries. This wasn’t much of a problem since I could hop on user forums, but it was still frustrating to have to reach out to multiple channels.

As for phone support, it’s only available to those who pay for Gold Support. Overall, support is good and I was helped immediately via the online forums. If you need free phone support or fast ticket responses though, CloudBees is lacking there.


Signing up for an account is a breeze. To snag a free account, just add your full name, email address and a few other details to an online form. It took less than 30-seconds for me to become an official client of CloudBees. Just as I was logging into my online dashboard, I received a welcome email from the CloudBees team that linked me to help documentation. Perfect!


I had very few issues with reliability. As detailed below, I had two instances of downtime, which I would consider to fall within the realm of normal. Overall, I found CloudBees to be dependable.


CloudBees accepts all major credit cards. I was never charged for services I didn’t order and I found it easy to cancel my account.


None. No guarantees provided

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for CloudBees can be read on their website. Highlights include:

  • Accounts must be manually cancelled by email.
  • Clients are solely responsible for all data, text, and messages posted to their account.
  • Accounts that are upgraded will be prorated during the remaining term of subscription.
  • No refunds given for early account termination.

Bottom Line


  • Free plans available to anyone.
  • Code repositories (Git, Maven and Subversion).
  • Jenkins server babysits your code.
  • Accurate dev cloud pricing calculator available.
  • Instant access to build tools and deployment services.
  • Many service plug-ins available.
  • Supports all JVM-based languages.


  • Many constraints on free plan. Serious developers will need to upgrade.
  • No live chat or (free) phone support.
  • Help documentation a bit anemic. 
  • Support tickets can take a few days to be dealt with.
  • No uptime or money back guarantees.

CloudBees Plans

Cloud Linux Hosting Plans:

CloudBees DEV@cloud Free
CloudBees DEV@cloud Pro for $100/month
CloudBees DEV@cloud ENTERPRISE for $200/month

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