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HostAVPS Expert Review- From the Editors

6 Cutts Road
Kittery, Maine 03904

HostaVPS opened for business in 2009. With colocated servers in Scranton, PA, HostaVPS offers Windows, Linux and Hybrid virtual private server solutions.



HostaVPS answers sales calls by live chat and email. Email questions were answered in less than 20 minutes and there’s generally about a five minute wait time to connect with live chat. My one beef here is that in asking how many clients HostaVPS supports (in order to gauge the size of the company), I was disconnected from live chat on three separate occasions. My impression of HostaVPS was overall good, but I was left a little shaky by the odd reaction to a simple question.


New VPS accounts are signed up for from HostaVPS’s website. It was under an hour between the time I paid for my account and had new server details in my email inbox. Smooth!


HostaVPS accepts all major credit cards through PayPal or 2Checkout. My bill was always accurate and I was never charged for services I did not order.


Linux-based virtual private servers start at $20 a month, Windows VPS's are $25/month and up, and Hybrid virtual private servers start at $60/month. HostaVPS prices are about average.


During an 18 month stay with HostaVPS, my hardware was 100% reliable.

Help & Support

HostaVPS’s support department shines! Support calls are answered by live chat, email and trouble ticket system. HostaVPS support staff are smart, friendly and quick to address issues. Tickets are answered in 10-20 minutes and live chat wait times are usually five minutes or less. The only thing that could make support better would be the addition of phone support.


My uptime monitor showed that HostaVPS managed a 99.999% uptime rating over 18 months.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • One hour response time guarantee.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service can be found on the HostaVPS website. Highlights include:

  • IRC Bots, roms/emulators and pirated software not permitted.
  • Zero tolerance spam policy.
  • Customer 100% responsible for backups.

Bottom Line


  • Worry-free web hosting.
  • Support is top-notch!
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Guaranteed CPU share.
  • Free moving assistance. 
  • Green hosting.


  • No phone support.
  • Sales support a little flaky. 

HostAVPS Plans

Virtual Private Server Plans:

HostaVPS Windows VPS Servers from $25/mo

Linux VPS Hosting Plans:

HostaVPS Linux VPS Servers from $20/mo

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