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Hosting.com Expert Review- From the Editors

PO Box 22789
Louisville, KY 40252


Hosting.com has been around since 1997. Based in Kentucky, Hosting.com offers Enterprise-class cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, hybrid hosting, shared web hosting, colocation hosting, and disaster recovery and business continuity services.



Sales questions at Hosting.com are answered by live chat and telephone. I was disappointed with live chat, where answers often took ten minutes or more, and reps frequently misspelled words and seemed less than responsive. Telephone sales calls take about fifteen minutes to connect and sales reps by phone seemed a bit more knowledgeable and willing to explain the goings on at Hosting.com.


Sign-up is simple and quick, and I received a welcome letter by email within moments of paying for my account.


Hosting.com takes all major credit cards and their billing department is quick to respond to issues and correct mistakes.


There were no hardware issues to report over the course of one year with Hosting.com.

Help & Support

Support comes by live chat, telephone and through an online customer portal. I found techs to be helpful, though a little slow to respond to tickets, even in an emergency. Phone support personnel were slightly quicker to address problems, though almost always requested that I file a trouble ticket and wait for a response through the customer portal.


My uptime monitor showed that Hosting.com maintained a 99.998% uptime rating over a period of one year.


Hosting.com has many, many hosting plans and services to choose from. A base Linux server with no control panel and 4 gigabytes of memory runs just over $400 per month. Hosting.com servers come with a hefty $204 setup fee tacked on, which makes them at least slightly more expensive than other hosts in the market.



  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Terms of Service


The Terms of Service for Hosting.com are found online.  Highlights include:

  • Downtime will be credited at 1/30th of the recurring monthly fee for each 30 minutes offline.
  • Spam forbidden.
  • Suspended accounts will not be refunded.
  • Late fees will be administered for past due accounts.

Bottom Line



  • Wide variety of scalable solutions to choose from.
  • Coldfusion available.
  • Excellent hardware replacement guarantee.
  • Good uptime and network reliability.



  • Hefty setup fees.
  • Support could be quicker and more involved.
  • Sales team seems uninterested.

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Windows Cloud VPS

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