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MaximumASP Expert Review- From the Editors

752 Barrett Avenue
Suite 103
Louisville KY 40204
Sales Hotline: 866-925-4678
Tech Helpline: 502-899-3220

MaximumASP was founded by three industry veterans in the year 2000 and sought to become a reliable windows web hosting company. Today MaximumASP owns and operates their own data center in Louisville, KY, and hosts more than 27,000 domains.



I was interested in one of MaximumASP’s cloud sites, a fully managed scalable web hosting package, and set off to get a few basic questions answered. MaximumASP gives sales support by phone, live chat, and email and so I shot a quick email in their direction. I was pleased to see an answer in my inbox less than fifteen minutes later, detailing and answering my many questions. MaximumASP’s sales team members were able to quickly answer both my technical and basic questions and left me feeling confident in their abilities to manage my web hosting needs.


I signed for a cloud site with MaximumASP, a process which took about fifteen minutes to complete, and was immediately greeted with a welcome letter by email. My account was setup and operational within two hours of sign up, and the thorough welcome email from MaximumASP was informative and helpful in getting my website online.


MaximumASP offers their cloud site packages free for the first 30 days, an offer I took advantage of. After the initial 30 day trial period expired, my credit card was billed monthly, as promised, and I was never charged for features or services I had not signed up for.


MaximumASP is well known in the industry for being rock solid in the reliability department and they lived up to that reputation. During my stay with MaximumASP my hardware operated as it should, my website stayed online and I 100% impressed with their web hosting management skills.

Help & Support

MaximumASP lends support by email, phone and live chat. I contacted the support staff four times during my stay, both by email and through live chat. My email questions were addressed and answered within one hour of being sent, but I had some difficulty with live chat. The live chat feature is said to be available from 9-4pm EST, but I was unable to reach live chat on more than one occasion. Though I found email support to be reliable and helpful, the lack of representation by live chat was disappointing.


I employ a premium uptime monitoring tool to make sure my websites are online and found MaximumASP to be worthy of their well earned reputation for reliability. My domains were never offline during my stay, and my web pages loaded at a speedy pace, just as they should.


MaximumASP offers several hosting plans including cloud hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers and custom plans. MaximumASP’s pricing structure is average in the industry.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30 day free trial (on cloud hosting packages)

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for MaximumASP are online.  Highlights include:

  • Accounts will be suspended for non-payment and referred to a collection agency.
  • Maintaining an open SMTP relay is forbidden.
  • Illegal web hosting activity will be reported to authorities.

Bottom Line


  • Extremely reliable
  • Quick email support
  • Packages are easy to upgrade
  • Competitive prices


  • Live chat personnel unreliable

MaximumASP Plans

Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans:

MaximumASP Dedicated Servers From $239/mo

Cloud Windows Hosting Plans:

MaximumASP Cloud Servers with MaxV from $99/mo
MaximumASP Cloud Hosting with MaxESP from $49/mo

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