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20687-2 Amar RD. # 312
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PhotonVPS Expert Review- From the Editors

PhotonVPS.com was founded in 1999. Based in California, PhotonVPS offers OpenVZ, Xen and Windows virtual private servers.



PhotonVPS offers a highly publicized price match guarantee with which they promise to meet or beat any competitor’s offering. Wanting to save a few pennies, I contacted support to see if they would indeed match services of another hosting company.

Pre-sales questions are taken by live chat and through an online form. First, I tried live chat during business hours on a Tuesday afternoon. No luck; all operators were offline. The same happened on a Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday evening. Determined to get in touch, I shot an email to the sales staff on a Friday morning. Five days later, I still had no response from PhotonVPS of any kind. I tried live chat once more late on a Wednesday evening and, sure enough, I finally made a connection. Ron, the sales rep I spent time with, not only matched their competitor’s price, but also spent a significant amount of time with me patiently explaining Photon’s offerings and business.


I had a welcome letter in my email inbox within minutes of ordering my server, and it was deployed and ready for use 15-minutes later. Speedy!


All major credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted at PhotonVPS. I contacted the billing department once, and just to upgrade my server, and had a pleasant experience. My services were upgraded immediately and my next invoice reflected those changes accurately. Also, I had no trouble cancelling my service one year later.


PhotonVPS offers Linux virtual private servers starting at $10.95/month and Windows VPS for $23.95/month and up. Their prices are slightly more expensive than others in their market, though they have quite a few more configurations to choose from, and they do price match.


For the most part, PhotonVPS provided a solid service. My server hardware was impeccably reliable, never needing much more than an occasional reboot. I did have several instances of downtime that went unexplained, which is my only gripe here. The downtime was so short in length that I never bothered with trying to contest their uptime guarantee, but it was troubling that the issues were never explained, and my trouble tickets disappeared without a response.

Help & Support

PhotonVPS offers customers support by trouble ticket system and live chat. There is a phone number hidden on their site, but calls always seem to go to voicemail, and no one ever responds. As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to catch the team by live chat. They don’t post hours of availability for live chat, so getting support there is largely hit or miss. As for trouble tickets, many of my issues were addressed in less than 45-minutes, but an equal number were ignored altogether.


My premium uptime monitor indicated that PhotonVPS maintained a 99.91% uptime rating over a one-year period.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Price match guarantee.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy can be read online.  Highlights include:

  • Unsolicited mail (spam) forbidden.
  • Obscene content not allowed.
  • No pyramid or illegal schemes.
  • No illegal gambling websites permitted.
  • Hosting contracts must be terminated within five days of contract end.

Bottom Line


  • Affordable.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Price match guarantee.
  • Semi-managed support.
  • Many plans and configurations to choose from.


  • Servers not customizable.
  • Live chat frequently offline.
  • Support is hit or miss.

PhotonVPS Plans

Virtual Private Server Plans:

PhotonVPS Enterprise Windows VPS Hosting from $23.95

Linux VPS Hosting Plans:

PhotonVPS Linux Enterprise OpenVZ Hosting from $10.95/mo
PhotonVPS Linux Enterprise XEN VPS Hosting from $5.95/mo

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