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RamNode Expert Review- From the Editors

Founded in June of 2012, RamNode is a Georgia-based hosting company offering SSD and SSD-cached virtual private servers, as well as an affiliate sales program.



RamNode takes sales questions by live chat, Skype, IRC and an online contact form/trouble ticket system. I wrote to RamNode first thing on a Monday morning and had a response to all of my pre-sales questions within twenty minutes. I found the sales team at RamNode to be highly knowledgeable, eager to help, and incredibly friendly. Perfect!


I ordered my VPS after business hours on a Thursday evening and it was immediately deployed and ready for use. In addition to having my server details passed on to me by email, I also received a letter welcoming me to RamNode, and informing me of how I could get the fastest support and find help files on their website to assist me in setting up my server. Smooth!


RamNode accepts payment by Google Wallet and PayPal. I never had any billing issues and was able to cancel my account without a glitch.


RamNode offers six virtual private server plans. The smallest plan, OpenVZ SSD VPS, comes with 128MB RAM, 128MB VSwap, 5GB SSD space, 1 CPU core (at 3.3GHz+) and affords 500GBs of monthly bandwidth for just $24 a year. All plans are highly customizable and a good value for the money.


My virtual private server was steadfastly reliable during my time with RamNode. Aside from an emergency reboot, I didn’t suffer from a single hardware failure and enjoyed near-perfect uptime.

Help & Support

RamNode support comes through live chat, Skype, IRC and a trouble ticket system. All of the tickets I filed were answered in less than 15 minutes, and I never had to file a follow-up ticket because techs forgot to answer my concerns completely. RamNode doesn’t offer telephone support outright, which I never missed thanks to their phenomenal ticket support, but it would still be helpful to connect by phone, or at least have that option. Also, live chat support is regularly away or unavailable. Once again, this wasn’t an issue because I was always able to find immediate support through their ticket system, but it was sometimes frustrating.


My premium uptime monitor indicated that RamNode maintained a 99.999% uptime rating over a seven-month period.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 3-day money back guarantee.
  • Guaranteed instant setup (unless VPS is out of stock).

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy can be read online.  Highlights include:

  • Spam forbidden.
  • Excessive CPU usage not allowed.
  • IRC, Minecraft servers and legal adult material allowed.
  • No Bitcoin Mining.

Bottom Line


  • Solid performance.
  • Good value.
  • Fast network.
  • Excellent support.
  • Good communication about server maintenance. 


  • No telephone support.
  • Live chat not always available.

RamNode Plans

Linux VPS Hosting Plans:

RamNode OpenVZ SSD VPS (SVZ) from $24/month
RamNodeOpenVZ SSD-Cached VPS (CVZ-E3) from $24/month
RamNode OpenVZ SSD-Cached VPS (CVZ-E5) from $24/month
RamNode KVM SSD-Cached VPS (CKVM-E3) $6/month
RamNode KVM SSD-Cached VPS (CKVM-E5) $6/month

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