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5863 Leslie St. Suite 307
Toronto, Ontario M2H 1J8
1 877 992 2623
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Register.ca Expert Review- From the Editors

5863 Leslie St. Suite 307
Toronto, ON M2H 1J8 Canada

Founded in 2005, Ontario-based Register.ca offers cloud hosting, website design and development, and is a CIRA certified and ICANN accredited domain registrar.



Register.ca answers sales questions by telephone, live chat and online form. I waited on-hold with live chat for 20 minutes before being met by an operator who introduced himself as being part of the tech team with 10dollar.ca. Confused, I explained that I was looking for Register.ca, and was told that there was a bug in the system, and that the operator answering my questions also does support for the other company. Not a good first impression!

Once that was straightened out, I was surprised to discover that the sales rep could not answer basic questions, such as where the Register.ca data center is located, how much space and bandwidth is included with plans or even what control panel, if any, they were using. Attempting to find some real answers, I phoned Register.ca. In that case, I had to wait 45 minutes for a sales rep to help me and he also didn’t know the answers to these questions. Repeated requests for help to Register.ca by website form went unanswered. Very disappointing!


Account sign up with Register.ca is done on their website. Clients must sign up for a new user account, register their (Canadian-only) address and phone number, and then pay for their hosting account. I received an invoice by email moments after paying and my account was ready for use three hours later. A little slow, but a pleasant experience.


Register.ca accepts all major credit cards. I was never billed improperly and had no difficulty canceling my account.


Register.ca does not list the amount of space or bandwidth included in their cloud hosting accounts, so I had to go to considerable lengths to gather this information. Register.ca’s smallest cloud hosting package, Cloud Lite, includes 500 megabytes of space and 4 gigabtyes of bandwidth and runs $9.95 (CAD)/month or $99.50/year. The plans are anemic on space and bandwidth and considerably more expensive than the competition.


Register.ca’s hardware was 100% reliable.

Help & Support

Tech support at Register.ca is done by telephone, live chat and online trouble ticket system. Live chat was mostly unhelpful. I was able to ask basic questions, but was never able to get any answers; instead I was asked to file a trouble ticket. The same happened when reaching out to Register.ca by phone. Tickets take anywhere from three hours to three days to be dealt with, which is just far too long in any situation. To their credit, Register.ca does give well thought-out-answers and is thorough, but they desperately need to pick up the pace!


My uptime monitor indicated that Register.ca averaged a 100% uptime.



  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service


The Terms of Service for Register.ca are available online. Highlights include:
  • No adult content.
  • Online gambling not allowed.
  • Spamming strictly prohibited.
  • Abuse of server resources will result in account suspension. 

Bottom Line


  • Cloud-based control panel fun and easy to learn.
  • Reliable network and excellent uptime.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.


  • Expensive.
  • Support extremely slow.
  • Employees don’t seem to know much about the company.
  • Available to Canadian residents only.

Register.ca Plans

Cloud Windows Hosting Plans:

Register.ca Cloud Windows Plans from $19.95/month

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Register.ca Lite Cloud Linux Plans from $9.95/month
Register.ca Cloud Linux Plans from $19.95/month

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