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2410 W. Memorial Road, Suite 332-C
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
United States
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ServerGenie Expert Review- From the Editors

ServerGenie.com is an Oklahoma City company that prides itself in offering green technology. A leader in power consumption responsible and sustainable practices, ServerGenie offers cloud web hosting, cloud servers, managed support and an affiliate program.



Sales questions can be taken to the web by filling out a trouble ticket on ServerGenie’s website, or asked by phone. I first made contact with ServerGenie from their website. I was a little shocked to see that ServerGenie’s security certificate had expired two months ago, causing my web browser to throw up a warning about how ServerGenie’s help desk was an insecure site. Knowing that an expired certificate isn’t really that big of a deal—though it does seem a little unprofessional, especially for a hosting company—I proceeded. My ticket was responded to almost immediately, and the answers were thorough, polite and helpful. I also called ServerGenie and received the same kind of attention.


Account sign up is done online, and it’s a quick process. I received a copy of my invoice after paying for my cloud hosting account and a welcome letter with account instructions arrived immediately thereafter.


Google Checkout, PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted. Server Genie’s billing department is available for help by phone, live chat and email. There were never any mistakes on my hosting bill, even when upgrading my account, and I was able to cancel my account with ease.


I signed up for ServerGenie’s Ultimate cloud hosting plan. That included 50 gigabytes of space and 1,000 gigabytes of bandwidth for $100/month. Cloud servers that are scaled on-demand run $20/month and up. ServerGenie’s prices are fair and offer a good bang for your buck.


My hosting server hardware was 100% reliable.

Help & Support

Support for paid clients is available 24/7 by telephone, live chat and email. I was impressed with ServerGenie’s attention to detail when it came to supporting clients. Each ticket I submitted was answered in less than 15 minutes, and tech support reps often went out of their way to check back in with me and make sure things were working as they should. Perfect!


My uptime monitor indicated that ServerGenie maintained 100% uptime over a one year period.


  • No-risk 30-day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service

ServerGenie’s Terms of Service can be viewed on their website. Highlights include:
  • Hate speech, child pornography and adult sites not allowed.
  • No illegal gambling websites.
  • Bulk commercial email sending allowed, but only with permission.
  • Unsolicited email (spam) forbidden.
  • No IRC bots.

Bottom Line


  • Solid network.
  • Exceptional tech support team.
  • Wide choice of data centers and operating systems.
  • Easily scalable.
  • More than 40% savings for signing long-term contract.
  • Recurring revenue affiliate program.
  • No-risk money back guarantee.
  • Green hosting.
  • Automated backups.


  • No toll-free telephone number.
  • Security error on host’s website.
  • No uptime guarantee.

ServerGenie Plans

Cloud Linux Hosting Plans:

ServerGenie Linux Cloud Web Hosting plans from $20/month

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ServerGenie Linux Cloud VPS plans from $20/month

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