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ServerPronto Expert Review- From the Editors

2400 E. Las Olas Blvd. Suite 268
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

ServerPronto was founded in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Infolink. Based in Florida, ServerPronto offers dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting services, colocation and reseller hosting programs.



Sales questions can be asked by live chat, telephone or email. I got in touch by live chat on several occasions, each time connecting with no wait time, and my questions were answered with ease by sales team members. Phone wait times can be as long as 20 minutes, though again, ServerPronto staff was informative, helpful and polite.


New clients need only to fill out a short order form to get hosting services from ServerPronto. I received an invoice for services moments after paying and my server was setup and ready to use the same business day.


ServerPronto accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. I had no trouble with the billing department during my two year stay, but the cancellation process was another story. In order to cancel services, clients must postal mail a letter to ServerPronto with a scanned copy of the credit card used to pay for hosting. Despite doing this on two occasions, my server bills kept coming in for three months post cancellation. The cancellation process is not only complicated and tedious, it’s downright frustrating. After three months and several attempts to cancel, I had to go through my bank to stop the charges.


ServerPronto has a good selection of plans to choose from. Dedicated servers start as low as $49.95/month, which is certainly some of the best pricing on the web these days.


I had a few issues with ServerPronto hardware during a two year stay, first with faulty memory and then with the hard drive. ServerPronto replaced the hardware within a few hours of the problem first being noticed, though I had to reach out to them to find out why my websites were offline. Communication could be better in times of trouble, but faulty hardware was replaced in an adequate amount of time.

Help & Support

ServerPronto support is available by trouble ticket system and live chat. (Voice support is also available, though it comes at an additional cost.) Live chat is the quickest to answer calls of distress, though reps there frequently request clients file a trouble ticket anyway. The ticket system is effective, but answers can often take a day or two, which is just too long when your website is offline.


My uptime monitor showed that ServerPronto maintained a 99.98% uptime rating.


  • 99.9-100% uptime guarantees (depending on services ordered).
  • 7 day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for ServerPronto are online.  Highlights include:

  • Clients must comply with existing US laws.
  • Spam not permitted and will result in account suspension.
  • Strict copyright and trademark policies. 
  • Account cancellations done through postal mail at least 30 days prior to contract end.
  • Data backup must be performed by client.

Bottom Line



  • Stable network.
  • Many control panels and operating systems to choose from.
  • Live chat quick, efficient, and available 24/7.
  • Cheap!


  • Cancellation process is tedious and unnecessary. 
  • No communication during downtime.
  • Telephone support costs extra.

ServerPronto Plans

Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans:

ServerPronto Cheap Windows Dedicated Server starting $37.95/month + any licence cost

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

ServerPronto Cheap Linux Dedicated Server starting $37.95/month

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