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SharepointHoster Expert Review- From the Editors

SharePointHoster.com has more than 10 years of SharePoint hosting experience. SharePointHoster uses two data centers in Philadelphia and offers SharePoint 2010 hosting, dedicated servers and a free trial of SharePoint 2013.



SharePointHoster answers sales questions by live chat, telephone and a through an online form. I tried repeatedly to contact live chat and telephone support, only to learn later that both services are only in operation Monday-Friday during business hours. I made attempts again to contact both outlets of support, this time during their advertised business hours, but again was not able to reach anyone. As a last resort, I sent an email to SharePointHoster through their online form. I did receive a response to that inquiry some three days later, though the form-like responses didn’t answer any of the questions I asked specifically. Disappointing!


Account sign-up can be done online, by FAX or over the phone. I signed up online, a process that took only a few moments. The plan I signed on for offered a 30-day free trial and, according to SharePointHoster’s website, I needn’t enter any credit card details to take advantage of this. However, upon signing up I was automatically redirected to PayPal’s website, where I did, in fact, need to make a payment. Though setup was ultimately quick and easy, SharePointHoster’s website is either out-of-date or incredibly misleading.


SharePointHoster accepts PayPal and all major credit cards, and the billing department is open during business hours (8am-6pm, EST) Monday-Friday. My bill was always correct and I was able to cancel my hosting account with ease.


SharePointHoster's smallest plan, Starter, includes 100 megabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth and room for 10 users for $99/year. They offer additional plans for $39-$99/month, and give custom server quotes as well. Considering SharePointHoster offers unlimited bandwidth and subsites, it's a good deal for the money.


My hosting server hardware was 100% reliable. But overall you cannot rely on this host.

Help & Support

Support calls can be made by telephone, live chat and via an online form and help desk. I was never able to catch live chat online, no matter what time of day I tried. Phone support is also spotty. Some calls take 30 minutes or more to be answered and at other times I was greeted by an answering machine. Contacting support directly through the help desk/contact form was better, though not perfect. Support usually only answered only a few of the questions proposed, and answers often took more than a day to reach me.


My uptime monitor indicated that SharePointHoster maintained a 99.98% uptime rating.


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • 30-day free trial.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service can be viewed online. Highlights include:
  • Pornography and explicit content not allowed.
  • No gambling websites.
  • Spam forbidden.

Bottom Line


  • Decent prices.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Ability to preview SharePoint 2013 indefinitely.
  • Good network.
  • Thorough online knowledgebase. 


  • Support difficult to reach.
  • Live chat and telephone support endlessly unavailable.
  • No toll-free telephone support.

SharepointHoster Plans

WSS Hosting Plans:

SharepointHoster Hosted Sharepoint 2010 plans from $99.95 per year

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