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Friday, March 30, 2012

T35 Rocks!

Tech Support
Advantages: - Awesome Prices- Great Tech Support- Friendly Staff- Uptime Rocks!
Disadvantages: Is being too good a disadvantage? lol

If you don't have t35 as your host then you're not hosting in the right spot lol. I've talked many times with Alex Melen, the owner of t35, and he's a stand up guy. Very professional and treats you like he's known you for years.


Anonymous User

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Tech Support

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T35 Hosting Expert Review- From the Editors

800 Palisade Ave
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

T35 has been in the business of web hosting since 1997.  Operating out of their own data center in New Jersey, T35 hosts more than 1.3 million websites worldwide, offering both free and paid web hosting services.  Free web hosting packages allot users an unlimited amount of space and bandwidth in exchange for small footer ad displayed on pages.  T35 also offers two paid hosting plans geared toward personal sites and business owners.



Before signing up for a web hosting account with T35, I wanted to find out more about the money back guarantee and so I took to their sales channels. T35 handles sales questions through live chat from their website, a support forum, email and an online help desk. I sent an email off to T35 and received a response to my question within one hour. Just to double-check my findings, I also contacted T35 using the live chat feature on their website. I found both T35 sales representatives to be accurate, thorough and very helpful.


I signed up for both a free and paid account with T35. In both instances I was sent a confirmation of sale immediately after the signup process was complete. The introductory letters from T35 gave me all the details of my hosting plan and detailed how I could go about setting up my accounts. Setup was quick and simple.


I chose to pay for my web hosting plan with T35 by the year and was presented with three options for payment: PayPal, 2Checkout or mailing in payment by check. I was able to pay with PayPal in seconds and was not charged for services or features I had not ordered.


T35 offers three plans:  free hosting, a personal plan with 1 gigabyte of space and 20 gigabytes of bandwidth for $4.99/month and a business plan which has 4 gigabytes of space and 80 gigabytes of bandwidth for $14.99/month.  T35’s pricing structure is well within average in the industry.  T35 also offers a unique prize freeze to all accounts, which means that even if T35’s prices change, you’re guaranteed the rate you signed up for.


T35 has a remarkable record of reliability and they did not disappoint!  My website and the server it was hosted on stayed online 100% of the time and never even suffered as much of a hiccup.  Excellent!

Help & Support

T35 support channels include an online forum, help desk, live chat and email. I spoke with T35 support on two occasions and in both instances my questions were answered to my satisfaction and without much of a wait time. My only complaint here is that the live chat support is not staffed 24 hours a day and there is no phone support available. That said, I never had any trouble getting prompt assistance by email or help desk.


I use a premium service uptime monitoring tool and to this day have not experienced even one minute of downtown. My domains are quick to load and uptime has continued at a remarkable 100%.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Terms of Service

T35’s Terms of Service can be read online.  Highlights include:

  • Accounts may be suspended for non-payment.
  • Zero tolerance policy for SPAM.
  • Illegal web hosting activity will be reported to authorities.

Bottom Line


  • Extremely reliable
  • Daily website backups
  • Easy to use cPanel control panel
  • Excellent support
  • Competitive prices
  • Innovative affiliate program


  • No telephone support and live chat not staffed 24/7

T35 Hosting Plans

Linux Hosting Plans:

T35 Personal Hosting Plan $4.99
T35 Business Hosting Plan: $14.99

Free Linux Hosting Plans:

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