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Voxel Expert Review- From the Editors

29 Broadway 30th Floor
New York, NY 10006
Phone: 212.812.4190

Voxel, first established in 1999, is an internationally known hosting company that specializes in meeting the needs of cloud hosting and dedicated server clients. With more than twelve years in the business, Voxel has offices in New York and Singapore.



Voxel gives sales support by email, telephone and live chat. I tried to contact Voxel via live chat on two different occasions, both in the morning and evening hours, but was never able to make a connection. It seems Voxel keeps specific live chat hours, though they don’t appear to be advertised on their website. I was able to reach sales support both by phone and email though, and found the experiences worth the wait. Voxel’s employees are extremely knowledgeable and polite, but not pushy, and were able to easily direct me to the plan that was right for my situation.


Voxel goes through a series of steps to manually verify each order and customer. For example, before being able to pay for my new hosting account, my email address needed to be verified, and before my hosting account could be setup, Voxel needed time to verify my credit card. This is a wonderfully secure way to do business, but it’s slow and sometimes seems tedious to someone waiting to get a website online. Once I was verified, Voxel swiftly created my account and sent the relevant details by email. Setup is very thorough, but slow.


Voxel’s billing department gave me an error-free experience. I was billed only for what I had ordered and encountered no unexpected fees with cancelling my account.


I purchased a VoxCLOUD hosting plan, which goes for $72 per month. That price is slightly less than privately owned cloud hosting companies and slightly more than the much larger Amazon Web Services. To their credit, Voxel offers quite a few more features for the price than does Amazon or similar cloud hosting companies, which makes their bottom line pricing about average in the industry.


Voxel shines when it comes to reliability. Voxel allows for zero downtime and they deliver. During an over one year stay with Voxel I had not a single second of downtime and not one hardware issue. It is increasingly rare to find hosts who are so confident with their hardware and network that they’re willing to put out a 100% uptime guarantee, and the fact that Voxel not only makes this promise, but keeps it, really impresses. Perfect!

Help & Support

I needed to contact support only twice during my thirteen month stay, both times because I’d erred and taken my domain offline unintentionally. Once, Voxel actually noticed this before I did and submitted and fixed a trouble ticket for me before I’d even realized there was an issue. Voxel offers superb attention to detail and their support team, made up of only qualified engineers, answers and responds to tickets by phone and email within fifteen minutes.


I have a premium uptime monitor in place to keep track of my domains and network uptime. I enjoyed 100% uptime with Voxel.


  • 100% uptime guarantee

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for Voxel are detailed on their website. Highlights include:

  • Dedicated hardware will be free of problems or replaced within one hour.
  • Sites found to be violating copyrights will be removed from Voxel’s network immediately.
  • Illegal activities, including spamming, will lead to account cancellation.

Bottom Line


  • Extremely reliable.
  • Quick support response by qualified engineers and techs.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Impressive hardware replacement guarantee.


  • No toll-free telephone support.
  • Initial setup lengthy due to manual verification methods.
  • Live chat reps not always available.

Voxel Plans

Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans:

Voxel Dedicated Servers from $179/month

Cloud Linux Hosting Plans:

Voxel Cloud Hosting Servers from $72.30/month

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