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VPS.NET Expert Review- From the Editors

VPS.net was founded in 2009 and is a part of UK2Group. With more than 10,000 clients, VPS.net uses 20 different data centers and has offices in the Providence, Utah and London, England. VPS.net offers a wide variety of services, including cloud servers, cloud sites, cloud apps and a reseller program.



VPS.net gives sales information by telephone, live chat and through a form on their website. I dropped VPS.net a quick email via their online form and when I still hadn’t heard anything back two weeks later, turned to the telephone. Telephone sales support was quick—answering is just a few minutes—and very helpful. Jake, the rep I spent time with, was able to answer my questions easily and politely. For good measure, I also checked in with live chat. As with telephone support, the experience was a good one. Dane, my live chat rep, explained the VPS.net network to me in great detail, and directed me to a hosting plan that would best fit my needs.


I paid for both a cloud server and a cloud website at 9am on a Monday morning. The cloud website was available to me nearly immediately, and the cloud server was setup and ready-to-use 15-minutes later. Quick and painless!


VPS.net accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. My invoice arrived in a timely manner each month and I was never billed for goods or services I didn’t order. I was also able to upgrade my cloud server with ease and cancel my account without issue.


VPS.net's cloud hosting starts at $20 per month (for 5GB of space and 250GB of bandwidth) and cloud servers (with a 1.2GHz dedicated CPU, 378MB RAM, 10GB space and 3TB bandwidth) are $20/month and up. VPS.net offers only large plans. I inquired about a specialty smaller plan, but was told that VPS.net didn’t customize. The packages offered are a fair deal for the price, but still a bit pricier than other hosts in the same markets. Also, it would be nice to see a few smaller offerings.


My cloud hosting website suffered from poor uptime during the first two months of my stay, plus poor performance with databases. After going back and forth with support, all of whom told me I either had too big of a database or that my Wordpress setup was not optimized, I was moved to a new space. Once relocated, I had no further trouble. My cloud server, on the other hand, was mostly reliable. There were several instances of unplanned downtime throughout the year, but nothing that would cause much concern.

Help & Support

Support comes by live chat, telephone and an online ticket system. Both live chat and telephone support is fast—answering in mere moments—but not always helpful. Instead of investigating issues or working toward a solution, I was continually told to write to the technical support team. Upon doing that, it would often take days to hear anything back and even then the answers weren’t especially helpful. I often felt that I was going back and forth with support almost daily, never really getting anywhere.

It’s worth noting that support improved over time, which is why I found it easy to stay in a contract with VPS.net. While my first few months were rough and frustrating, the last few months were encouraging. Today’s technical support team seems to have found the manners they lacked at the beginning of the year, and they’re also willing to spend a few extra moments diagnosing issues and making sure customers are happy.


According to my premium uptime monitor, VPS.net maintained a 99.7% uptime rating over one year.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy can be read in full online. Highlights include:

  • No hate speech, violent content or illegal files.
  • Pyramid schemes, chain letters and spam forbidden.
  • No Camfrog software.

Bottom Line


  • 20 data centers to choose from.
  • More than 100 operating system templates.
  • Good sales.
  • Free migrations with some plans.


  • Technical support could be better.
  • Only large plans available.
  • Some plans are overpriced.


Cloud Windows Hosting Plans:

VPS.NET Windows Cloud Plans Starting at $45 per month

Cloud Linux Hosting Plans:

VPS.NET Linux Cloud Plans Starting at $20 per month

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