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10 Tools for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Published on 7/9/2010 by

Choosing a domain name is one of the biggest and most time consuming projects you’ll have as a webmaster.The right domain name can mean the difference between skyrocketing to Internet fame and having a website that doesn’t perform well.Keep these steps in mind when considering your choices and check out ten free tools that will make the process of picking the perfect domain name easier.


Whether you want a long or short domain name, domain.nr can help. Input a keyword or idea and domain.nr spits out possible choices that take advantage of all the available domain name extensions.Brandname.com has long been registered, but did you know that you can still snap up brand.name?

Domain Typer

Domain Typer is another tool that searches for alternative extensions of TLDs. You type in the word or words you’re considering and Domain Typer will suggest possible domains you may not have even considered.

Instant Domain Search

The most tedious part of choosing a domain name is waiting for online databases to tell you if the name is available or already registered. Instant Domain Search is fast, spewing out data as you type it, and letting you know if the .com, .org or .net variations of your name are taken or still up for grabs.


With Dot-o-mator, you input keywords and placement details, and your ideas are blended into a variety of new combinations based on prefixes, suffixes or even web 2.0 heavy words.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot is a domain name search engine and name spinner. Add your keywords and Domains Bot will mix them up creatively to form an entirely different set of words. Domains Bot will also let you know if your domain idea is available.

Stuck Domains

Stuck Domains is a database of domain names that have recently expired. You type in a keyword and Stuck Domains will tell you all the newly available domains that utilize that word.Once you’ve found a name, Stuck Domains will show you the link popularity of that particular domain. Who knows, you could acquire a domain name that already has a following and ranks well with Google.


Nameboy is a domain name spinner.Enter in up to two keywords and Nameboy will spin those words, mixing and matching them to form unique, one-of-a-kind names.


Domain names that are short perform better because they’re easier to remember and type. Dyyo specializes in giving you stand out, four letter word combinations.

Name Station

Name Station is a domain name spinner that is capable of taking your keywords and twisting them into entirely different ideas.

Domain Pigeon

Domain Pigeon doesn’t allow you to input keywords, but instead keeps a database of unique, short letter words that are available to register in domain name form, and also as a Twitter username.

Now that you have your tools in place, it’s time to find a domain name.Remember, you’ll have to live with this name for a long time, so do some brainstorming and choose wisely!