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3 Really Good Reasons to Follow Your Web Host's Blog

Published on 6/7/2012 by

How many blogs do you read each day? If you’re like me, you consume a steady diet of blog reading throughout the week, some of those writings pertaining to your work life and some to your home life. One blog you should be reading is that of your web host. If you’re not already tuning in to what your web hosting company has to say, here are three really good reasons you should start.

You’ll get the first word on new promotions

Web hosts offer unadvertised sales and special promotions year round and the large majority of those good deals are unadvertised. Unless you follow your hosting company’s social networking action and their blog, you’re probably missing out on the opportunity to get a free domain name, free account upgrade, and a ton of other goodies. All the best news is being announced your web host’s blog as we speak.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of hosting

Some of the most thorough web hosting tutorials found online today are not on your host’s actual website, but on their blog.  Due to the informal nature of blogging, hosts often go into greater detail on their company blogs, explaining things like dedicated server security, cloud hosting, payment gateways, hosting control panels, web based email, new software releases, and more. To get the most from your hosting dollar, you can be learning this information free of charge just by subscribing to your hosting company’s blog.

You’ll stay up to date with industry news

The web hosting industry is constantly changing and if you want to change with it, you need to learn about what’s going on out there. In the early days of hosting there was no such thing as control panels, so if you wanted to update a webpage on your website you had to actually call your host to do it for you. (Can you imagine?) When control panels like cPanel and Plesk hit the market, those who knew what they were already were able to jump in on the next big thing and get a head start over the rest of us who were still asking what the heck control panels were all about.

If your web hosting company has a blog, you’ll become a wiser webmaster just by skimming it over on a regular basis. You can stay up to date with all your hosting company has to say automatically by subscribing to their blog using a free RSS Reader like Google Reader or FeedReader3.