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6 Steps to Building the Perfect Ecommerce Website

Published on 9/5/2011 by


Ecommerce sites are those websites that feature products or services for sale and they’re especially prevalent online.  From books to baby diapers, you’re sure to find an e-commerce website that will sell you just about anything.  Not all e-commerce sites are created alike, however.  Here are six simple steps you can take to build the perfect e-commerce website.

1.  Use professional quality photos and images

Online shopping presents a unique challenge in that customers cannot touch, see or use the products you have listed for sale and therefore, your product images should be exceptional.    Use clear, crisp, large product images that display each item in as many angles as possible.  Stock photos provided by the manufacturer are fine to use as long as you’re displaying an image of the actual item for sale.  If you have a high quality digital camera, put it to use and create your own digital photos.

2.  Offer the ability to search

Not a single web surfer has time to browse through hundreds of products to locate the exact item they need.  In addition to categorizing your e-store, give customers the ability to search for products by name, brand and price.  Every item in your e-store should be easy to locate and order.

3.  Use testimonials

If you have a perfect track record for fulfilling orders in a timely manner and offer exemplary customer service, brag about it.  Don’t be afraid to display customer testimonials. Your website should exude trust and one way to do that is to show potential customers that others have been happy with your services.

4.  Display your phone number

Customers should always have a way to contact you offline.  Do not only offer an email and mailing address for customers to reach you, but also display your telephone number.  The difference between making a sale and losing it to the competition is your ability to be readily available. 

5.  Use order tracking

Giving customers a way to track their shipping details gives the buyer peace of mind.  All major carriers, including UPS, FedEx and USPS, offer free tracking services for businesses so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this service.

6.  Guest checkout

Most e-commerce websites today require that potential customers create an account in order to purchase a product from their website.  Not all customers want to remember a new username and password though, and some even have privacy concerns.  Increasingly,  large retail online shops are allowing customers to buy products and services without creating an account.  Give your customers the option to join your network, if they so choose, but don’t require it.

These are six basic things you can do to build your e-commerce website.  Remember, the most successful e-stores owners are also open to listening to their customer concerns and making changes where necessary.