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8 Secrets Web Hosting Companies Won't Tell You

Published on 4/18/2011 by


The world of web hosting isn’t exactly hush-hush. After all, you can click a few links right now, open your own web hosting account and learn the ins and outs of hosting in a rather short amount of time.  Like all businesses, however, a good amount of marketing can go a long way in keeping customers and potential clients in the dark. Let’s explore 8 secrets your web hosting company probably won’t share with you.

1.  We’ll customize a plan for you

Have you ever surfed around a web hosting company’s website thinking you’ve found the perfect host, only to realize you cannot afford their hosting plans? Try asking that host if they’re willing to work with you. Many hosting companies will be happy to customize a plan to fit your needs and budget.

2. Sometimes bigger isn’t better

The big name hosting companies get a lot of attention, especially when a well known blog or website recommends that particular host. It’s smaller hosting companies, though, that make the biggest impression on website owners. Smaller hosts have fewer clients to contend with, meaning they can offer a more personal level of support and won’t keep you waiting on-hold for hours.

3.  You don’t have to buy a domain from us

When you purchase a hosting plan, you’ll be presented with an option to buy a new domain name with your host or transfer your current domain name. You don’t have to do either. Just because your host offers domain name registration doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. In many cases, it’s cheaper and easier to use a domain registrar of your choosing.

4. There’s no such thing as unlimited

Just as the hard drive on the computer you’re using right now has a fixed amount of space, so too does a web hosting server hard drive. There’s no such thing as unlimited space or bandwidth.

5. You’re responsible for backing up your own website

Almost all hosting companies will promise to backup your website on a regular basis, and they’re doing it, but the truth of the matter is that you’re ultimately responsible for having a current copy of your website. Most Terms of Service contracts explicitly state that you, the client, are solely responsible for backing up your site and that your hosting company cannot be held liable for lost or corrupted backups.

6. We may be hosting customers too

Though not true of all hosts, many companies are hosting customers too. Some hosts are resellers and others rent server space from data centers. Contrary to popular belief, not all hosting companies own their own data center or hosting servers either.

7.  Not all reviews are created equal

Affiliate marketing programs allow current hosting clients to make money by referring new customers to their hosting company.  As such, many supposed reviews are really faked. Read only verifiable hosting reviews—those that have been written and corroborated by clients and experts alike.

Now that the secrets are out, how will your hosting change?