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Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Published on 1/16/2012 by

Little things that really matter!

When it comes to finding a web hosting company to back your website and keep your domain online, most people focus on getting the best deal for their dollar. And while it’s important stick to your budget, there are little things about web hosting plans and companies that are even more important than maximizing your savings.

Paying your way

Some web hosting companies require that you use automated monthly bill pay and other companies insist you manually pay them each month. If you prefer a hands-on approach to budgeting, you may want to manually allocate funds to your hosting company at the beginning of every month. On the other hand, if you already have enough monthly bills to worry about, paying a year in advance or letting an automated payment take care of itself may be more up your alley. There’s no right way to pay, but it is important that you find a host that suits your preference for payment.

Updating software

Some hosting companies allow you to update your own software, such as Wordpress, and others don’t. Software updates are crucial to server and website security. Many hosts are on-the-ball and update software as needed, but some bigger, unlimited-everything hosts use outdated versions of software, putting your website at risk. If you’re running a crucial website, it’s imperative that you find a host that either provides regular software updates or allows clients the freedom to install such updates.

Support that works for you

All web hosting companies provide support to clients. Some offer telephone support and others have trouble ticket systems or email assistance. What type of support do you prefer? If you’re away from your computer much of the day, connecting with someone via telephone may more conducive to your life and schedule. When searching for a host, don’t gloss over their support options. You’ll want to find a company whose level and type of support works for you.

Clear upgrade path

One-size-fits-all hosts don’t really fit anyone. Get any amount of traffic to your website and you’ll find that most hosts will complain that you’re using too many resources and ask you to move on. If that happens, you’ll need to begin your search for the perfect web hosting company all over again. Instead of going with the lowest priced host, search for one that will give your website room to grow. If you’re starting with the smallest web hosting plan, can you easily upgrade should your audience or needs grow?

Remember, the little things count too. Take your time and read web hosting reviews so that you can be guaranteed that you’ll find a host that will be with you for years to come.