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Cpanel Comes to Windows Web Hosting Servers

Published on 4/6/2011 by

With Enkompass

cPanel, the web hosting industry’s most popular and widely used control panel, has had one major flaw in its development: it has never support the Windows operating system. Thanks to Enkompass, all that is changing.

enkompass Windows cPanel screenshot


Enkompass is a visual, easy-to-learn control panel developed by the makers of cPanel and made specifically for Windows servers. Now, Windows hosting clients and web hosting resellers can hang on to their favorite operating system and gain all the power and versatility of cPanel.

The many features of Enkompass for Windows hosting clients

Web hosting control panels made hosting accessible to everyone because it simplified the process of adding or removing features and software from hosting accounts. With Enkompass, Windows hosting clients will be able to:

  • Manage email and FTP accounts
  • Add or remove domains
  • View detailed analytics
  • Control website access and security
  • Install scripts
  • Create and manage databases
  • Password protect directories, folders and website pages
  • Restart websites
  • Create error pages

In short, Enkompass has brought all the strong, reliable feature sets of Linux and cPanel hosting to the Windows web hosting environment.

Enkompass for Windows resellers

Enkompass is also a powerful tool for Windows Reseller hosting companies, allowing companies to completely manage their customers with a few clicks of the mouse.

Description: Reseller screenshot.jpg

Reseller hosting Emkompass benefits include:

  • Easy account setup
  • Resource allocation
  • A space to communicate server maintenance news
  • 24/7 access to bandwidth monitoring
  • Ability to suspend, reinstate or terminate hosting accounts
  • Point and click SSL certificate installation

Whether you’re a Windows hosting client or a Windows Reseller hosting company, Enkompass offers an easy, functional way to manage your hosting experience. You can learn more about the Enkompass control panel and take it for a test drive with this online demonstration.