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Did Your Web Hosting Company Raise Their Rates?

Published on 6/9/2011 by

Here’s what to do

So, you found the perfect web hosting company to manage and host your domain and then, out of the blue, they raised their prices. What do you do?

First of all, don’t panic. Like all businesses, web hosting companies have bills of their own to manage. A dramatic increase in electricity rates or server storage and management fees may leave a company with little choice but to raise their prices. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few ways to handle a price increase.

Read the Terms of Service

When you signed up for your hosting plan, you agreed to your web hosting company’s Terms of Service. This is a contract that states what you and the host can and cannot do during your stay. Some hosts explicitly state in their Terms of Service that prices may be changed at any time, but some do not. It’s worth a look to see if this is included in the wording of your Terms of Service contract. If not, your host must honor the hosting price plan you originally signed up for.

Are you grandfathered in?

Some Terms of Service contracts may say that prices can be raised at any time, but often times there’s a clause that protects current customers under contract from being charged more than what they agreed to when they signed up. Again, look through your host’s Terms of Service contract and carefully read the details about pricing. If you’ve been grandfathered in, it means that a price change will not affect you until your current contract expires.

Pay yearly at a discount

If you’ve been a longtime customer who has always paid on time, your hosting company may be willing to work with you regarding a price increase. This works best with smaller hosts who offer a more personal level of hosting. Contact your web hosting company through their support channels and ask if there’s any way to save a few dollars. Many times, hosts will allow customers to pay bi-annually, annually or even up to several years in advance at a reduced price.

Suck it up

If you’re pleased with your web hosting company and can’t even imagine hosting anywhere else, it may be best to suck it up and deal with the price increase. Monthly web hosting fees are still relatively cheap and with most hosts, the cost of hosting your domain and website equals a cup of coffee or two. Cutting down on the caffeine and sticking around with a winning host is a good choice for those who really have found the perfect hosting company.

Move on

If your web host is unwilling to budge and the new prices are too much for you to deal with, it may be time to move on. Likewise, if you’ve been stuck in your hosting plan and unhappy with your web hosting company, this is a good opportunity to find a new host. Read web hosting reviews, compare prices and find a new host to call home.

Web hosting rates do fluctuate, but they don’t need to have a negative impact on your domain or your hosting experience. Consider your options, do your research and get back to the business of managing your awesome website.