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Do You Need a WordPress Specific Web Hosting Company

Published on 7/16/2011 by

When WordPress was first introduced in 2003, early adopters flocked to web hosting companies that had built their business around WordPress and chose to only cater to those websites who were using the then unheard of content management system (CMS).  Hosting WordPress sites meant instant success back in the day for web hosting companies who dove headfirst into the lucrative blogging market. Flash forward to 2011. Today, WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded more than 32.5 million times, making it the most widely used open source blogging platform in the world. Do you still need to host with a WordPress specific hosting company? Let’s find out.

Traditional web hosting companies vs. niche specific companies

There are many web hosting companies who specialize in a certain type of web hosting, often referred to as niche hosting in the industry.  A cursory Google search will lead to you niche web hosts who have narrowed their customer base to eCommerce, WordPress, or even not-for-profit hosting. Unlike niche hosts, traditional web hosting companies host all different kinds of customers, including WordPress based websites.

The advantage of going with a WordPress only web host

Those hosting companies who only support WordPress blogs one-up their competition in a few ways. First, such companies often install WordPress software on your domain for you so that you don’t have to mess around with permissions files or databases. This is perfect for those new to blogging or experts managing multiple blogs. Second, because these niche hosts know WordPress inside and out, they’re often able to quickly help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter. Niche hosts may also offer a large selection of WordPress templates for you to choose from, something you’d have to go in search of yourself otherwise.

The disadvantage of going with a WordPress only web host

WordPress web hosting companies make it simple for those with few technical skills to get their blog online in a hurry. Even so, there are some disadvantages to choosing a hosting company that only supports WordPress. For one thing, you’re stuck with WordPress. Should you decide someday that you’d like to use a different type of blogging software or none at all, you’ll have to find a new hosting company. Additionally, you won’t be able to have a subdomain with most WordPress only hosts. The greater majority of these niche hosts allow the use of only one domain.

The bottom line

It is absolutely not necessary these days to use a web hosting company that only serves WordPress customers. Many, in fact, have moved away from niche web hosting and on to more traditional plans because it offers additional benefits like multiple domain hosting, subdomain hosting and a wider variety of software.

For those who are new to WordPress or are confident in their belief that they’ll not be branching out and away from WordPress, niche hosts provide an excellent, easy to set up and use service.

Your best bet when choosing a web hosting company is always to read web hosting reviews and go with the company that will help you succeed.