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All Domain Names Are Not Created Equally - Infographic

Published on 5/29/2012 by

What’s in a name? Anyone who has had children can tell you how many hours they spent poring over baby names and possible associated nicknames to narrow down just the right name for their child. Businesses hire firms that specialize in coming up with monikers that can be monetized and give their new company a lasting identity. The same is true for domain names. The domain name you choose to represent your website, project or business online really can make a difference.

An insightful infographic from DomainNameSales.com lays out some domain name basics that often go overlooked by newbies and experts alike. In an image titled “Domain Names 101,” DomainNameSales.com presents a boatload of facts and findings that show just how important it is to be choosy about your domain name. Among their findings:

  • All domains are not created equal. Your chosen domain name should make a statement about your business.
  • Type-in traffic accounts for 50% of your visitors. In other words, someone looking for a reseller hosting package is likely to try typing “reseller web hosting” into the search bar before actually performing a web search.
  • Dot-com domain names still rule.
  • Top level domain names hold significant monetary value.

Domain Name Infographic