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Get Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

Published on 7/22/2010 by

The most successful companies doing business online today are running equally successful business blogs.  If you have passion for your business ideas and can easily convey your thoughts in a way that touches readers or provides useful life information, your unknown business can skyrocket to fame with a well written business blog.

Whatever your blogging schedule, publishing five days a week or only five days a month, coming up with good content ideas is what will make or break your blog.  A lack of creativity or ideas, writer's block and blogger burnout can slow your blog and your traffic to a crawl.  Learn how to have a steady stream of ideas with our content creation guide for business bloggers.

Create an editorial calendar

Newspapers, magazines and even the television news channels all operate with the aid of an editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar is a simple list of ideas that are scheduled in advance.

If you have a company that's developed dog chew toys from recycled tires, your editorial calendar might look something like this:

  • How tire recycling happens.
  • Five ways that buying recycled helps the environment.
  • How to promote healthy chewing habits with your new puppy.
  • Why some dog toys are safer than others.
  • How chewing keeps your dog's teeth healthy.

You can keep an editorial calendar in a desktop notebook, on an actual wall calendar, in your PDA or by creating a spreadsheet with Google Docs

Cover the 5 key questions

Remember high school writing courses where you were taught to always address the who, what, where, when and why in every story?  The same rules apply to blogging.  A-List bloggers don't just talk about their business and upcoming product releases; they also get a little personal. 

Who:  Tell readers who you are.

What:  People love to learn what you do from day to day.

Where:  Where do you operate from, go for coffee, get used tires, etc.

When:  When did you start your business?  When are new toys being released?

Why:  Why did you start a recycling project?  Why are you interested in dogs?

Monitor real time news

Read newspapers and check in with TV and radio news from time to time.  Are people worried about an oil spill in the gulf and how it will impact their daily lives?  If so, write a post about how buying recycled goods reduces our dependence on oil.  Staying current and reaching out to consumers in a way that touches their daily lives builds confidence and shows them that you care.

Monitor social trends online

Fire up your Twitter client from time to time and pay attention to what people are talking about online.  Is Lady Gaga the new Internet meme?  Write a post called "5 Things Lady Gaga and Recycled Dog Toys Have in Common."

Ideas for blog posts are all around you.  Once you start the brainstorming process, don't stop.  Spend a little time each day jotting down ideas or thoughts that could be turned into blog posts and add those ideas to your editorial calendar.  Keep your list fresh and current and keep writing!