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GlowHost Giving Away Free Web Hosting to Non-Profits

Published on 7/16/2012 by

Non-profit organizations and charities typically face hardship during their first few years. Though non-for-profits may make made a big splash locally, such groups have a difficult time making the leap into fundraising on a larger scale, and mostly due to lack of funds. Things like setting up a website to generate national attention can fall by the wayside when resources aren't available.

GlowHost, a 10 year old Florida-based web hosting company, is extending an offer of free hosting to all startup not-for-profit organizations. Read on to learn how your charitable organization can sign up.

The free offer from GlowHost.com

There are a bevy of web hosting companies that offer free web hosting to non-profit organizations online, but many plans include only stripped-down features or completely eliminate important services like email, databases or technical support. GlowHost, on the other hand, is determined to give not-for-profit groups quality hosting at no cost.

Matt Lundstrom, president of GlowHost, said that GlowHost is committed to not only supporting their paying customers, but also non-profit groups.

“Non-profits that use our free hosting services get the same great features as our paying customers,” said Lundstrom. “Many of these features are designed to lower the point of entry to web development, enabling even the most inexperienced users to launch their web presence without investing time that could be spent elsewhere within the charity. We currently provide Soholaunch, a web site builder that delivers professional sites fast, in addition to automated script installers so that non-profits can launch a blog or message board quickly and easily. GlowHost also extends full customer service and technical support to free web hosting users for those times when additional assistance is required.”

By offering free web hosting plans to non-profits, GlowHost is hoping they’ll help give small charitable organizations an effective web presence and increase donations and awareness.

“There are so many people out there doing selfless things and contributing to the greater good,” says Matt Lundstrom. “And none of these organizations have it easy. Particularly in the early stages, it is tough to run a non-profit organization and attract widespread support without spending thousands of dollars."

This free web hosting offer is available to all startup non-profit organizations operating in the United States. To learn more or sign up, contact GlowHost.com.