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5 Habits of Successful Webmasters

Published on 8/16/2010 by

A webmaster is the person responsible for the care and maintenance of a website.  Unless you’ve hired someone to handle the job, that means you.  Are you doing all that you can to grow your domain name into a highly sought after, popular website?  Here are five habits that successful webmasters have in common.

Choose quality over quantity

Webmasters who are serious about their job always choose quality over quantity.  Successful webmasters don’t go out seeking the lowest price web host or the one offering unlimited space and bandwidth.  Successful webmasters read web hosting reviews, talk to web hosting companies and find the best hosting their money can buy.  The best webmasters pick web hosting companies who have excellent uptime and support and who will grow with them.

Know their responsibilities

Those webmasters who shoot to the top know their responsibilities and they handle them with ease daily.  Whether you own a large commercial website or a small blog read only by a handful of friends and family, you have responsibilities too.

  • Websites should be backed up each time content changes. 
  • Check for missing pages, bad links and site errors at least once a week.
  • Read and study web logs to understand where your traffic is coming from and which keywords are drawing visitors to your domain.
  • Respond daily to emails and blog comments.

Grow their business a little each day

The best webmasters work at building their business up each day.  You can also help your website mature by doing small tasks that will encourage website growth.

  • Make meaningful social network connections.
  • Improve your websiteSEO.
  • Submit your website to search engines and directories.
  • Join communities and online forums in your niche.
  • Comment on other blogs and news sites.
  • Advertise.
  • Improve your website a little each day.

Pay attention to details

Little things, like forgetting to renew a domain name, can take your website offline for good.  Webmasters who are good at what they do pay attention to details.

  • Know your domain expiration date and renew it on time.
  • Be familiar with the details of your web hosting plan, paying timely and renewing as necessary.
  • Keep all software current and up-to-date, applying bug fixes when they’re released.

Keep things running smoothly

A simple HTML error will make your website look unprofessional.  In order to keep your website running smoothly, you need to routinely go over it closely.

  • Use your onsite contact form once a week to make sure it still functions.
  • Reread your about us or bio page and make yourself or your company as approachable as possible.
  • Test your product page.  Are all the links working?
  • Try your website in different browsers to make certain it’s visible across multiple platforms.

Highly effective webmasters know that the key to their website’s success lies solely with them.  Are you doing all you can to be the best webmaster you can be?