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How to Blog Like You're Running for Office

Published on 11/2/2010 by

It’s Election Day in America, which means that voters from all walks of life are finding their way to the polls to make their voices heard.  Today is the day that candidates will find out if all their hard work will come to fruition or if they’ll be packing up their campaign buttons and signs and looking for a new job tomorrow morning.

Much like running for office, blogging takes an immense level of commitment and relies heavily on hopes and dreams.  Without an impressive campaign strategy, those running for office won’t find a place on the ballot, just as bloggers won’t find their pages being indexed by Google.   Join us as we delve into how you can blog like you’re running for office.

Identify needs

The single most important facet of running a successful campaign is identifying the needs of the community.  Without being able to offer the promise of change, campaigns quickly crumble.  As a blogger, you also need to focus on the needs of your own community.  Look within your niche and find out what’s missing and what you can do to change that.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of problems do my readers suffer with and what solutions can I offer?
  • What needs do my readers have and how can I meet them?

The bloggers with the greatest influence online have connected with their readers in such a way that they’re able to identify a problem and offer an instant solution.

Campaign your heart out

The greatest campaigns are won on heart.  Those political candidates who are passionate about their communities and their commitment to change most often find themselves in office.  Bloggers must also be passionate about their niche in order to set their own campaign strategy in motion.   Follow the lead of successful political candidates.

  • Get endorsements.  Just as political figures long for endorsements from those already in office, you too can get endorsed by those with well established blogs by guest posting, asking for a review of your latest eBook, and making a memorable impression on A-List bloggers.
  • Make connections.  Candidates running for office need to make personal connections with their community in order to secure votes and bloggers also need to establish relationships in order to have devoted readers.  Start connecting with your audience by responding to blog comments, communicating on social networks, and personally answering emails.

The greatest bloggers know what they’re passionate about and are able to get others fired up about it, too.

Set realistic goals

Campaign promises are essentially unfulfilled goals.  Every political candidate dreams of having the opportunity to put their platform into action.  The same is true for blogging.  Without established goals, your blog platform can quickly become stale, leaving both you and your readers disinterested.

  • Make a publishing schedule and stick to it.
  • Put an SEO strategy in motion.
  • Have the right tools for the job, including a web hosting company that will grow with you.

The moment you put your blog online you were voted into office.  Do you have what it takes to keep your seat?