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How to Choose an Online Form Builder

Published on 10/20/2011 by


Online form builders make it possible for anyone of any skill level to design a professional web based form for their website.  Are you in need of an Internet based tool that specializes in form creation?  Here are a few things you should consider before choosing your online form builder.

What’s your budget?

Form builders come in all price ranges, so it’s important to consider your budget before you set off looking for the perfect tool.  Online form builders vary in price from completely free of charge to several hundreds of dollars per month.  Those webmasters needing only to make one or two forms per month can easily get by with a basic free form building tool, while those who will be creating many forms per month that will be used by a large scale audience will need more advanced paid services.

What are your needs?

Online form builders offer different sized plans for you to choose from.  Plan prices are dependent on your specific needs, such as:

Number of users:  How many people will be designing and managing your website forms?

Number of forms:  How many forms will be created on a monthly basis?

Max fields:  How long will your forms be?

Number of reports:  You’ll be able to view detailed reports of statistical information each time you post a form online.  How many reports would you like generated each month?

SSL encryption:  Would you like your form data to be transmitted securely over the Internet?

Storage:  Each time you create a form or receive form information from users, it is stored on a web hosting server hard drive.  How much space do you anticipate needing?  The larger your audience base the more space you will require for storage.

Payment integration:  Will your users be ordering products using your forms or will money be changing hands?  Payment integration is available for such types of forms.

Form templates:  Are you comfortable building website forms from scratch using a WYSIWYG editor or would you prefer to start with pre-built templates?

Personalization:  Some form building services allow you to personalize your forms with your company logo, a signature or pictures.

Notifications:  How do you wish to be notified that someone has completed one of your forms?  You can have data sent to one or multiple email addresses, or have that information simply stored in a web server database or text file for viewing.

Where will your form be located?

When you sign up with a form building service you’ll have options as to where your form is placed.  You may wish to integrate the form into your website or you may choose to keep the form offsite on the form builder server.  Do you have a preference?

Creating website forms is not the chore it once was.  Today, it’s entirely possible to create a complicated website form in the course of one afternoon by using an online form builder.  What kind of form will you put to work on your website?